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[Results] 25th May Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge

Tank Commanders,

During our last Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge, we welcomed a full house at our cybercafe, Command Centre; by Wargaming with places being filled up in less than 30 minutes. We hope that everyone is settling well into our new home and will continue to pop by whenever they can to play their favourite World of Tanks!

Our last challenge set to participants was 4 kills using a tier V or above medium tank.

Here are the winners of the 25th May Cybercafe Challenge.

[Results] 25th May Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge

1st place — Hobbes00 —Reward: 5,000+ 1,000

2nd place — leraxx —Reward: 3,000+ 1,000

3rd place — Deathskyz —Reward: 2,000+ 1,000

These players have accumulated 4 kills in the Cybercafe Challenge with tier V or above MT and will be rewarded with 1,000
xDartharusx, Tenoori_Taiga, lacushime24, Nisa, Monoceros, JimmyJim, jinhong91, AJ81,Tank_Commando33, newnar, dionniesaurus, black4, AwsmPie, Rapax, Gooners1990, Elite, __RNG__, Kiyoshi101, 987tz, Mufufu1, eques, Sp4rt4nKai, Baesille, Cetus, seahchye, unclecat, FourAces2000, FoxDuMilde, Andreas_Lucius, sing1400, crazib, iBlastUrFace, brotherxxy, Madrake, zXBlooDXz, acapsta, Chillx, bigbird21, homingk, NoSmokey, Falchion, WhiteknightSG, TooTough, DragonQuan, Watchout, sing1300, TitanuzMech, Makidonz, Isopach, Kampfzerstorer, ahmisa, CDU_AT, Shilouette, Griftz, Breezerex, FlankerXraveN, ZetoArrow, mervinos, wra1th84, NoThing29, tachimegun, Hannt, johnkoh88