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[AU][Results] 1st June Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge

Tank Commanders,

Our very first Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge event in Australia kicked off to a great start and was very well received by the community there with over 80 participants. Tank Commander, Canislupus was on site to partake in the activities and gave us his thoughts so read on below to find out what went on during the event.

So the 1st Cyber Café event occurred in Sydney, the Sydney team consisting of Mark “Pyranite” Jamie “Jamo”,  Timothy “Blade” and Stewart “Canislupus”, rocked up forty minutes ahead of time.


With a bit of initial confusion with one of the workers, the manager arrived to sort out some details, he informed us of the area we had set aside for us, which consisted of 38 PC’s with bucket chairs, mouses, keyboards and headphones. We were told we could not log on until 12pm.


Once 12pm rolled around one of the workers showed us the link for WoT, we then started logging the computers onto WoT when we noticed that they had downloaded the North American client, this was brought to management’s attention and thanks to Cazier we had a clean install of 0.8.5 to add to the server.


About 5 keen Tankers had arrived and were informed of this unfortunate delay, they took it well and were allowed to roam about online whilst we waited; some opted to go to lunch a few stayed.


WoT was installed and up and running, thus the games began, Players came and some went with Runis and Cronium staying for the entire session.


The first x 4 kill arrived and before long several others did. A leader emerged from the pack with Butmunkie bagging 6 kills in a B2, soon after 3 others hit 6 kills before PinkCharlie snagged himself 8 kills, with Cronium and Beefychops tagging 7 apiece.


We managed to convince two people to sign up and have a go at World of Tanks for the first time, they had fun.


The day ended with much fun had by all despite the hiccups. No overall complaints except the lack of communications to the reception/ first point of contact by City Hunter and that the males toilets needed a good clean. The good was the amount of space we had to run the op, 38 out of 145 computers was pretty good, and the chairs were comfortable, drinks were reasonably cheap and the location was pretty central to outside catering.


I also thought that we could have had a few more/bigger signs made up to entice new players in, as well as maybe one for the street to try and grab more people in and get the WoT word out to more players to expand the community.


Cheers Canislupus… Only managed 3 kills, patrol duty (in a Lowe), and lecherlisljdhf  alphabets medal in my best game of the day.

[AU][Results] 1st June Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge

1st place — Pink Charlie —Reward: 5,000+ 800

2nd place — Cronium —Reward: 3,000+ 800

3rd place — Beefychops —Reward: 2,000+ 800

These players have accumulated 4 kills in the Cybercafe Challenge with tier 4 tank or above and will be rewarded with 800
Bazza, Ezz, micko888, DavyGT, Butmunkie, assassin101c, Cazier, comix, BlueNoir, Steeldust, harm_cartman, Deystroy, chanman234, pete_kaboom, Runis