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Reopening of Clan Wars

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Attention Tank Commanders,

Clan Wars will be unfrozen – 18:00 UTC 21.02.2013 (02:00 UTC+8 22.02.2013)

Below you can find the list of changes that will be implemented with this update:

The list of fixes in the update:

  1. Fixed bug with incorrect removal of chips upon player leaving the clan. After the update at the beginning the chip will be removed from reserve, and if it’s not in reserve, but on the province, it will be removed from stack directly.
  2. Fixed bug, which caused a province to remain landing zone after riot suppression. After the update the province will turn back to normal just after the battle with the province owner.
  3. Fixed the bug of simultaneous display of ‘Landing Zone’ and ‘riot’ icons. After the update only ‘riot’ icon will be displayed.

The list of changes in riot functional in the update:

  1. A fixed time of riot starts was set: it may happen only 8 hours before the province prime time. This will allow players to decrease the chance of riot before the determined time.
  2. Changes in rules of applying for riot landing tournaments. If in the above mentioned turn system has randomly determined, that riot should start, following happens:
    • If there are no battles scheduled for the province, the riot icon appears immediately. Province is available for landing applications and battles for the province occur in the next prime-time.
    • If there are battles scheduled for the province, the riot icon appears on the map immediately, but it’s unavailable for landing. Tooltip will show approximately following message ‘Applications for landing will be available after battles for the province’. At prime-time province becomes inaccessible for attacks from neighbor provinces. After the prime time landing applications become available and battles are scheduled for the next day prime-time. It’s done in order to make sure that province owner is aware about the riot.
  3. All previously started riots will be disabled and this also means start of the second test phase for riots functional.