Preview of the Month: October 2022


Things are getting chilly this season. The adventures and mysteries of holiday season are just getting warmed up. And we've got got a lineup of seasonal activities that you can enjoy in the comforts of your home.

Check what's happening in Update 1.18.1, battle the boss Blitzträger auf E 110 in the Waffenträger Legacy event, climb the ranks in Onslaught, and keep your eyes out for Halloween activities!

More details below.


  • Halloween Mode

    Tricks and treats of the season coming right up!
  • The Waffenträger Legacy

    Ermelinda Jung must be stopped. In a team of six Harriers, work together to bring down the monstrous Blitzträger auf E 110. Progress through this mode to unlock rewards. And when you're tired of being the hero, earn keys to operate the Blitzträger auf E 110! and begin your reign of terror!
  • Onslaught

    Try out this brand-new competitive game mode! Enjoy thrilling 7v7 matches in Tier X vehicles against opponents of similar ranks, explore vehicle Role Skills, fight your way through the leaderboard, and earn rewards - and bragging rights.
  • Update 1.18.1

    • Free Sixth Sense: The Sixth Sense perk will become a special commander feature! This means that every one of your vehicle commanders will possess it from the start. If one of your vehicle commanders already possessed the Sixth Sense perk, you’ll be able to choose a free skill or perk for them.
    • Upgrades to Personal Reserves: This battle resource will be simplified and optimized for easier usage. Commanders can activate Personal Reserves even during battle instead of just activating themin the Garage.

Important: The following events are subject to change without notice.

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30/9 - 11/10

30 Sep - 11 Oct: Glorious October In-Game Missions and Sales
30 Sep - 3 Oct: Team Effort

Want to decorate your Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger? Complete the Frettchen Challenge to earn the Frettchen 3D Style!

For even more fun, platoon with friends and get rewarded with consumables!

2/10 - 9/10

02 Oct - 07 Oct: Double Ninth Festival Missions
02 Oct - 09 Oct: [Vehicle Sale] A Dark Omen

The Lunar Calendar's Double Ninth is considered an auspicious day. Celebrate with your crew by completing missions for rewards! Also, to keep the order of nature balanced, look out for something sinister in store at the Premium Shop!

5/10 - 5/11

05 Oct - 05 Nov: On track: WZ-111 5A & Progetto M40 mod. 65
Fast-track your progress towards the WZ-111 5A and Progetto M40 mod. 65 tech trees with credit discounts, missions, and more!

7/10 - 16/10

07 Oct - 12 Oct: [Vehicle Sale] The Faithful Hound and Soviet Brawler
09 Oct - 16 Oct: [Vehicle Sale] A Swede Ride

We've got a faithful hound that enjoys giving enemies a bite when they least expect it and a classic soviet heavy tank that is ready to show off its excellent damage.

In case you're in the mood for something Swede, don't miss the sale on the 9th!

11/10 - 21/10

11 Oct - 21 Oct: [Vehicle Sale] A Durable Medium & Versatile Heavy
Charge into battle with this Chinese medium tank that comes with the second highest alpha damage you can get for its type and tier.

If you're looking for something more confrontational, check the sale on 14 October for a fun hull down fighter.

14/10 - 28/11

14 Oct - 28 Nov: Monthly Twitch Drops Missions
Need more Twitch Drops tokens? Check the Weekly and Weekend missions available! Accumulate your tokens and spend them on valuable items at the Twitch Drops Store in-game!

14/10 - 17/10

14 Oct - 17 Oct: Complete missions for consumables
Complete three easy missions to add some battle essentials to your collection.

18/10 - 25/10

18 Oct - 25 Oct: [Vehicle Sale] American Hero
Fight alongside your allies in this iconic medium tank and conquer the battlefields.

9/9 - 23/10

9 Sep - 23 Oct: World of Tanks APAC Fan Art Awards 2022
We want your WOT-themed artwork! Winners of the contest will be awarded with up to USD 150.

21/10 - 4/11

21 Oct - 24 Oct: XP Weekend
21 Oct - 28 Oct: [Vehicle Sale] Flexible Medium
25 Oct - 1 Nov: [Vehicle Sale] Battle Legend
28 Oct - 4 Nov: [Vehicle Sale] Give Them Pain

Gain an XP bonus 5 times a day during the event period on Tier IV-X vehicles!

There's also sales for vehicles with a variety of playstyles.

31/10 - 5/11

31 Oct - 05 Nov: Australian Periphery Server Anniversary
Celebrate our 5 years together as the Australian Server! Complete missions for Australian-themed customizations.