Preview of the Month: November 2021


November welcomes the return of Frontline and its fourth and final stage! Don't miss out on the 11.11 sale either, featuring some of your most hotly-anticipated tanks going on sale.

There'll also be lots of rewards to be earned and discounts to look out for!

Check out more of this month's activities below!

November 2021 Specials

Important: The following events are subject to change without notice.

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02 Nov - 09 Nov: Diversity in Asia

[Premium Shop/Missions] Earn the "Diversity" 2D Style by completing missions, or purchase it in the Premium Store alongside premium vehicles from Japan, Poland, and the USSR!

03 Nov - 10 Nov: Get Ready for 11.11

Get ready for the 11.11 sale with missions that earn you cool custimizations and even 20% and 30% discount coupons for the sale!

05 Nov - 12 Nov: Fabulous Friday

[Premium Shop] Vehicles from Germany, the USSR and China

11 Nov - 15 Nov: 11.11 is Here!

[Premium Shop] Featuring discounts on long-awaited premium vehicles and their 3D Styles! Various in-game discounts will also be available

14 Nov - 19 Nov: Young at Heart

[Missions] Complete missions for seasonal customizations and boosts to Crew XP!

15 Nov - 22 Nov: Frontline Stage IV

30v30 clashes are back!

19 Nov - 26 Nov:
Labor and Gratitude - Gold and Tanks

[Premium Shop] Celebrate Thanksgiving with themed customizations and XP bonus missions. Enjoy vehicles from Poland, the USSR, and the UK

24 Nov - 01 Dec:
Get Ready for Black Friday

[Premium Shop] Vehicles from the US and Germany

On Track
05 Nov 2021 - 05 Dec 2021: Kranvagn
20 Nov 2021 - 20 Dec 2021: M48A5 Patton

Enjoy free x5 XP daily missions and discounts on credit costs of vehicles

You can use gold to purchase the Fast on Track bundles in the In-Game Shop this month

Purchasing the Premium Fast on Track bundles gives you 2 extra x5 XP daily missions