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No Downtime for Clan Wars

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Dear Tank Commanders,

Please be advised that there will be No Downtime or closing of the Ultimate Challenge Clan Wars over December and January on the SEA server. Clan Wars will be available to play during this festive period so game on during the holidays!

Roll Out!

What is Clan Wars?

Clan Wars is a browser-based multiplayer military and geopolitical component of World of Tanks MMO.

Battles are fought on a big world map known as the Global Map on which clans vie for ultimate domination by conquering or defending territories. The map is divided into provinces where selected occupied territories will provide the clan with income and bonuses.

Clan Wars has met with huge success and is extremely well received by clans from the other regions, garnering participations of thousands of clans around the world in a bitter struggle for world domination.

So Clan Wars is no-holds-barred struggle for superiority and power. By visiting the other WOT portals, you can see the distribution of clans over the world map and witness their stranglehold over certain territories. Some of the provinces may bring more than 4K Gold in province income.

In Clan Wars, clans are not subjected to just fighting alone only. To facilitate the expansion of territories, you can strike up alliances to aid in your power struggle by means of diplomacy.

We have already created the following forum sections for you Ultimate Conquest and Diplomacy. If you have any questions about Clan Wars or you want to talk to other clans feel free to check out these sections. 

Guide to Clan Wars.