Moderators and Community Contributors Needed!

Hey Commanders!

We’ve been updating our Moderator and Community Contributors programs recently, which means it’s time to update our Moderators and Community Contributors!

Mods and CCs are integral parts of our regional World of Tanks community. While both groups are engaged players of the game, Moderators are often avid forum users, ever present in our Discord server and comment sections. Community Contributors are just as passionate about Tanks, but explore this more-so through the production of YouTube videos and/or Twitch streaming.

If either of these descriptions sound like you – or if they both do – we encourage you to apply as a Moderator, Community Contributor, or both!

Find the Moderator application form below. Note that you are not expected to answer every question correctly however most answers should be apparent after reading the Code of Conduct, which is a document you would have to become quite familiar with should your application be successful, so it’s definitely worth a look.

Apply to be a Moderator here!  

If you’re interested in potentially joining the ranks of our Community Contributors, you can apply via the link below. Make sure you have your channel links, viewership stats, and best clips on hand.

Apply to be a Community Contributor here!  

Applications for both roles will be open for one week, until next Friday October 12th. Make sure you’ve submitted your forms before then! Please note for users who do not use English as a first language but would be interested in joining either the Moderation or Community Contributor teams, localized application forms will be available in the coming weeks.

If users have any questions feel free to reach out to ‘Conan’ on Forums or ‘JayRated’ in our Discord server. Best of luck with your application!