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Minor Update Planned for World of Tanks Assistant

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Hi commanders,

If you're a proud owner of the World of Tanks Assistant for iOS, expect a minor update in the coming days that will address some minor connection issues in relation to delivering information. Owners of the Android version of the World of Tanks Assistant will be unaffected and will not receive this patch.

What's the World of Tanks Assistant?

The WoT Assistant mobile application provides instant access to the most important information from the fields of World of Tanks. World of Tanks Assistant will help you get relevant news any time online. The application is free to download.

If you already have the World of Tanks assistant, the software will update itself automatically.  If you do not yet have this essential tank commander tool, you can download it via Google Play (for Android devices) or the App Store (for iPhones and iPads)

World of Tanks Assistant is the way to:

  • Access detailed statistics on the number of your battles and place in Global Rating
  • Get results on the battles with tanks from your garage
  • Check the balance of your credits, gold and experience
  • Compare your progress with opponents’ results
  • Keep an eye on the headway of your favorite players
  • Share triumph with your friends via E-mail and social networks
  • Follow the latest news