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Medium Tanks Roll Out!

Medium tanks are extremely versatile tanks with their great combination of speed, firepower and armour which enables them to take on a variety of roles such as scouts, support or front-line tanks.

From 25-28 May, the medium tank takes center stage in this weekend special. See below for discounts galore on these steel giants:

Event start: 25th May, 2012 (Friday) 06:00 UTC, (SG, MY, PH 13:00hrs, TH 12:00hrs)

Event end: 28th May, 2012 (Monday) 05:30 UTC, (SG, MY, PH 13:30hrs, TH 12:30hrs)

  • 50% Discount on the following tanks:
    • MT V Т-34
    • MT VI Т-34-85
    • MT V PzKpfw IV
    • MT V PzKpfw III/IV
    • MT VI VK 3601 (H) 
    • MT VI VK 3001 (H)
    • MT VI VK 3001 (P)
    • MT V M4 Sherman
    • MT V M7
    • MT VI M4A3E8 Sherman
    • MТ VI M4A3E2
  • 50% discount on Camouflage for the following vehicles:
    • MТ V Т-34
    • MТ VI Т-34-85
    • MТ V PzKpfw IV
    • MТ V PzKpfw III/IV
    • MТ VI VK 3601 (H) 
    • СТ VI VK 3001 (H)
    • СТ VI VK 3001 (P)
    • СТ V M4 Sherman
    • СТ V M7
    • СТ VI M4A3E8 Sherman
    • MТ VI M4A3E2
  • 50% Discount on Skill reset
  • X2 Increased EXP rate for crew

These tanks are a steal at 50% discounts so take advantage of this incredible deal now. The option to purchase as gifts for friends is also available. Please refer to the Gift Shop Guide for information on how to use it. In the event you need help, please contact our Support Service.

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