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[L2P 2013] World of Tanks NSF/NSMEN Championship Winners

Hi Tank Commanders,

We're pleased to announce the winners for the NSF/NSMEN Championship which was held recently at License2Play 2013 from 6th to 8th December. The tournament was held in recognition of Singapore's NSFs for all their work done for the nation and players were rewarded handsomely for their participation. The champions got to pocket a hefty sum of $8,000 and cool Razer products such as Ouroboros mice, hoodies, shirts and caps. Congratulations to all winners!

Here are the winners of the NSF/NSMEN Championship:

[Champion - Super Noob Trolls]

[1st Runner-up - Team Jaguar]

[2nd Runner-up - The Coalition]



We thank everyone for their participation and support for the event and we'll see you soon at the next tournament - TanksAsia Masters Season 2!