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Killer 8 Event Winners

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Tank Commanders,

18 Tank Commanders were picked at random for our Killer 8 Event and you can take a look at the list below to see if you're among one of the lucky ones who get to walk away with 800

  1. general_kr
  2. skydai
  3. LETRI8566
  4. Einzelganger_1845
  5. ice320
  6. DragSter
  7. KidSaviour
  8. CuteDino
  9. wangbagsa
  10. Ainanasaki
  11. TierX
  12. The_Big_M
  13. yanggood
  14. polymers
  15. Ron0305
  16. DeathLoad
  17. Manifestation
  18. ZLoong

Congratulations to all winners and look out for more exciting events and specials to come for the month of November!