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Battle with the CM Event

Tank Commanders,

Battle against the CMs and stand to win in-game gold! Eliminate the entire CM team to secure victory!

*Capturing the opposing base will not count as a victory.

  • CMs will create a room in the training room and players can join in to battle
  • Allocation of players will be on a first come first serve basis
  • Players can choose to join multiple times


Battle with the CM Event

Eliminate the entire CM team to secure victory!

Date of event: 12th May, 2012 (Saturday) – 13th May, 2012 (Sunday)

Time of event: 1st session 2 – 4pm (SG, MY, PH), 1 – 3pm (TH). 2nd session 6 – 8pm (SG, MY, PH), 5 – 7pm (TH)


Total Tier Level:

Total tier level : minimum 40 - maximum 60

Artillery level : 2-4

Tank destroyer level : 2-5

Light tank level : 1-6

Medium tank level : 2-6

Heavy tank level : 4-6



Players from the winning team who eliminate the CMs will each earn 300 gold.

*Winners can only receive the prize of 300 gold once per day.