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Guidelines For Account Transfer

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Attention Tank Commanders,

Great news everyone! We’re glad to bring you further updates and details for the account transfer which you’ve all been waiting eagerly for.

To ensure a smooth account transfer from your current server to the SEA server, please adhere to the following guidelines:


  • Create an account (if it has not been created yet) on the SEA cluster with your desired nickname.
  • Leave the clan on your account at the server which you want to transfer from.
  • To apply for a transfer, please click here.
  • Refrain from purchasing any gold during the transfer period.


Terms & Conditions

  • A player must create an account on the SEA cluster.
  • Player must leave their current clan on the donor server (RU, EU, US).
  • Transfer will only be allowed from the RU, EU, US servers.
  • The account on SEA cluster will be completely replaced by the account on the server which you are transferring from.
  • There is a possibility of account suspension (up to 1 week) on both servers during the transfer.
  • Gold and packages bought from the Gift Shop on the SEA cluster account will be added to the account.