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Fury: New Tank and Themed Garage

Tank Commanders,

The highly-anticipated action movie, Fury, is going to be launched soon in cinemas! Fury is the American Medium Tank which the star-studded cast operates in the backdrop of World War II's battlefields. To celebrate this awesome tank movie, World of Tanks will be releasing in-game missions, Premium Shop specials, and a themed garage.


Fury: About the Film

Fury is an upcoming movie from Sony Pictures following a group of battle-hardened tankies in the closing stages of the European Theatre of World War II. Outnumbered and outgunned, and with a rookie soldier thrust into their platoon, Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) and his men face overwhelming odds in a heroic mission behind enemy lines.

Fury: Trailer


Fury: Premium Tank and Hangar

We probably don't have the chance to get as close to a real Sherman like the stars of Fury did. But if you're a fan of this film or Shermans in general, you can now drive your very own Fury tank into battle! Fury will retain most of the characteristics of the tier VI, American M4A3E8 - with a few added perks that a premium tank has.

Here's how the celebrity Sherman looks like:

The Fury-themed garage is inspired by the movie set. Infused with World of Tanks elements, you will find your tank on the border between Himmelsforf and Ensk, waiting for you to roll out into action in a battle of your choice.

Keep a look out for Missions and Premium Shop Specials too!

Browse the Fury missions and Premium Shop specials here!