[UPDATED] Compensation in Frontline

Tank Commanders!

The update that was released on 10 March did not fully fix the consequences of the incorrect Frontline Experience values required to gain Frontline Tiers.

The amount of Frontline Experience in the progression has been corrected and is currently up-to-date. However, the Experience already earned was not re-calculated correctly. As a result, some players had to play more battles to get Expedition Tokens than was noted in the regulations.

We will give 1 Expedition Token to players who played at least one battle in Frontline on the first play day before ceasefire (from 9 March 07:00 UTC +8 to 10 March 04:00 UTC +8) as compensation.

This additional token will reduce the time and effort needed to get a reward tank for both the players who haven't earned enough Frontline Experience to get an Expedition Token yet, and those who reached Tier 15 of Frontline Stage 1 despite the incorrect progression.

The token will be credited with the start of the 2nd Frontline Stage; you'll need to log in to the game client in order to claim it.

We apologize that the launch of Frontline did not go smoothly.