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Features of Update 7.1.1

Tank Commanders!

Just for everyone’s information, a provisional update v.7.1.1 has been released for the SEA community during the launch of OBT on 7th March, 2012 (Wednesday). You can download the 7.1.1 game client here:

We are constantly improving and modifying the game to ensure the best gaming experience for all our players.

Please refer below for more information regarding the new features in this update.


File packaging
  • A new mechanism of file packaging to ensure optimized loading of the in-game maps. Players will notice an improvement in loading time thanks to this new file packaging system.
Separate folder for user-made game modifications (mods)
  • With every new update, the game will be installed with a ‘clean’ client and with a separate folder for user-made game modifications (mods).
  • With the introduction of this folder, players will be able to install mods without the need to overwrite base game files, thus giving them a better control over their mods.

Stay tuned with us for more updates to come!