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Expansion of portal [UPDATED]

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Greetings Tank Commanders,

We are pleased to announce that the portal will be expanded soon. One significant change that will take place in this expansion is that the Account Management for players will be moved from the World of Tanks portal to the portal. The other changes that will occur on the World of Tanks portal with this release are:

  1. The World of Tanks portal will be changed to WGNI-authentication, which is similar to the authentication method of the forum and Customer Service Center.
  2. Account management will be moved to this address:
  3. Everything that is connected to your World of Tanks account in specifics (such as in-game statistics) will remain available on the game portal.

With the release of this portal, we take a step forward in the development of the service and move closer to realizing our ambition of uniting the millions of players around the globe under one roof. This service will be the best way to support multi-gaming in the Wargaming Universe, bringing the World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Battleships closer to you in one place with just the click of your mouse.


To add on to the above and to clarify some queries which have arisen with the previous announcement on the portal, we would like to mention that the portal is for single account management only and the said account is one entity providing you access to World of Tanks and any future titles by In-game account data such as statistics, vehicles in the garage and settings will NOT be affected.

Players may continue to own more than one account on different servers. For example, if you own an account in NA and also in SEA, you can still manage your accounts separately in the portal as the accounts will not be merged even if the emails or nicknames registered for them are the same. Accounts are still bound to server/ region therefore depending on which servers you have accounts on, you should login to the respective sites to access the Account Management for them.

You can access SEA portal at this URL:

To address your concerns regarding this portal expansion, we have come up with a short FAQ based on what we have gathered from the forums:

Q: Does it mean that my EU and NA accounts will be merged?

A: No, we are not merging or changing accounts at all. You should continue using your account for World of Tanks. portal becomes a single place for Wargaming account management.

Q: How it will affect my World of Tanks statistics?

A: It doesn’t affect you game statistics at all. We are not changing your World of Tanks account. We are launching portal to provide you with a single place to manage your account.

Q: Will I lose my tanks or crews?

A: No, it doesn’t affect your game resources and achievements at all.

For more inquiries on the portal, please refer to this thread. Our admins will get back to you to address your queries as soon as they can.

Please note that there will be a maintenance on the portal for this update on 08 May, 2013 starting from 00:00 UTC+8 (07 May, 16:00 UTC) Time. It will take approximately ~ 3.5 hours.

 We thank you for your patience and kind understanding.