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Update 8.0 is now LIVE!

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The Update 8.0 is now live!!! Grab the link and download it!


Tank Commanders!

The big 8.0 update is here now; new physics, new tanks, and new rendering.  Truly, an unfamiliar but exciting era for World of Tanks has come.  

It may mean some hectic early days while everyone is taking their tanks off some sweet jumps.  Let them have their fun, it'll just give you time to gain an edge by carefully studying the layout of the new maps, devising new strategies, and finding new uses for old tricks.

Thank you for your patience, and all of your great feedback on the test server!

You can get get the full game client for a fresh install, or just the update here:


You can find a complete list of the 8.0 Update Notes here.

 All players with a premium account at the start of the maintenance will be compensated 1 day of premium time.


Enjoy the game!