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Death by Physics Contest Winners

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Tank Commanders,

So how goes your finger and print screen button for this Death by Physics Contest? Well, if you haven't keeled over from laughing out loud over the hilarity that ensued with each flying tank yet, we're giving you a good reason to laugh your way to your World of Tanks bank now.

We picked out 8 winners at random from a pool of submitted screenshots. (We tied up a staff member, blindfolded him and got him to pick out screenshots on the monitor using his toes. Now isn't that random enough?) These lucky people will soon find that their game account just got 800 gold richer. The feeling's kinda like receiving government payout.

So without further ado, here are your random winners in a random order.

  • alfaromeo1991
  • bebehko07
  • KidSaviour
  • Shrinky
  • dicypher
  • botek9
  • jfoytek
  • Schnaufer

The above winners will each receive 800Enjoy!