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Deadline for Application of Account Transfer [UPDATED]

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Tank Commanders,

Please note that the deadline for the application of account transfer to the SEA server from the other clusters has been set at 16 July, 2012 (Monday) @ 16:00hrs (SG, MY, PH), 15:00hrs (TH).

Players will not be able to apply for account transfers after the above mentioned timings on 16 July, 2012 so grab hold of this special opportunity now.

To ensure a smooth account transfer from your current server to the SEA server, please adhere to the following guidelines:


  • Create an account (if it has not been created yet) on the SEA cluster with your desired nickname.
  • Leave the clan on your account at the server which you want to transfer from.
  • To apply for a transfer, please click here.
  • Refrain from purchasing any gold during the transfer period.


Terms & Conditions

  • A player must create an account on the SEA cluster.
  • Player must leave their current clan on the donor server (RU, EU, US).
  • Transfer will only be allowed from the RU, EU, US servers.
  • The account on SEA cluster will be completely replaced by the account on the server which you are transferring from.
  • There is a possibility of account suspension (up to 1 week) on both servers during the transfer.
  • Gold and packages bought from the Gift Shop on the SEA cluster account will be added to the account.

[UPDATED] Applications for account transfers are now closed. Please note that the transfer page is no longer available.