Community Contributor Program 2.0


The Community Contributor program has long been an integral part of World of Tanks, but much like the game itself these things need an update after a while! We collaborated with our CCs to produce an all-new version of the program, improving rewards, support, exposure and potential within the program. Better yet, applications are now always open, starting today! Scope out all the changes to the program here, if it sounds like something you’re interested in you can apply via the link below.


One of the things our CCs mentioned when we asked them for feedback on the program was that there wasn’t a clear progression system to grow as a Community Contributor. With that mind, we added Tiers!

In CC 2.0 your ability to grow as a contributor (and the rewards you earn along with it) will look a lot like the Mastery Badges in World of Tanks! Contributors can progress through the ranks in a couple of different ways, either by the level of engagement from their channels or by going above and beyond in support of their local WoT community. Take a look at the full breakdown:




  • 5 streams or 3 videos in the Recruit’s first month to appraise their tier.


  • A 1,000 Gold sign-on bonus.
  • Access to personalised invite code and respective rewards.
  • Introductory social media post (alongside other new recruits).

Class 3


Casual content creators.


  • Video - 1,000 views per month.
  • Stream - 10-20 average concurrent viewers (Twitch), 1,000 unique viewers per month (other platforms).
  • Written - 1,000 page views per month.


  • Missions - Completion of at least 5 ‘Contributor Missions’ per quarter.

(Additional) Perks:

  • Monthly Gold compensation.
  • Ability to engage directly with WG and other CCs in private channels.
  • Access to ‘NDA’ information, including CC Digest and release info.
  • Community Contributor Kit and group Social Media sessions.

Class 2


Significant increase in perks and expectations.


  • Video - 5,000 views per month.
  • Stream - 21-50 average concurrent viewers (Twitch), 5,000 unique viewers per month (other platforms).
  • Written - 5,000 page views per month.


  • Missions - Completion of at least 7 ‘Contributor Missions’ per quarter.

(Additional) Perks:

  • Access to the Gold/Tank exchange.
  • Ability to request unique bonus/giveaway codes.
  • Featured CC rotation.

Class 1


A high-caliber content creator and brand advocate.


  • Video - 10,000 views per month.
  • Stream - 51-250 average concurrent viewers (Twitch), 10,000 unique viewers per month (other platforms).
  • Written - 10,000 page views per month.


  • Missions - Completion of at least 10 ‘Contributor Missions’ per quarter.

(Additional) Perks:

  • Credit of all new Premium tanks (This does not include Reward or Tech-Tree vehicles).
  • Credit of all new Customisations and Styles (This does not include Clan Wars styles).
  • Personalised Community Contributor shirt and ‘Class 1 Kit’.
  • Rental tank code giveaways.
  • Personalised brand coaching.
  • Support to host/attend WG events.

Ace Contributor


World Class


  • Video - 100,000 views per month.
  • Stream - 250+ average concurrent viewers (Twitch), 100,000 unique viewers per month (other platforms).
  • Written - 100,000 page views per month.

*This Tier cannot be achieved through Mission completion.

(Additional) Perks:

  • Full compensation for regional event attendance.
  • Consideration for Influencer campaigns.
  • Consideration to attend global WG events (Twitchcon/Gamescom/etc.)




As you probably noticed above, one of the new features of the program are ‘Content Missions’ that CCs can complete for additional rewards. Alongside this, we will be adding even more support for our CCs across official Social Channels, our Portal, even in-game! Smaller Contributors who are actively trying to grow their channels will be celebrated with quarterly ‘Milestones’ and bigger/older Contributors who are looking to take a step back from the program can still be involved as a ‘Legionnaire’. 

Even for those of you who don't make as much content, there are still ways to earn unique and exclusive rewards through redemptions of your custom invite code. There’s something for everyone in CC 2.0!

How to Apply

Sound good? We thought so too. If you’d like to apply to the all-new Community Contributor program you can do so here! Should you be accepted, you will be considered a ‘Recruit’ for your first month as a probation period before progressing into the Tier-system. Otherwise, the link will always be available on the Portal’s Community Contributor page.

Apply Here  

Get to know your current Community Contributors!

Find out all the details on your current CCs, when and where you can catch them via this link. Keep an eye out as plenty of fresh new faces will surely be added in the coming months!