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[CN & TH] Commentator's Contest: The Winner is...

Tank Commanders!

After reviewing the 6 finalists video entries from each language CN & TH, the judges have finally decided on the winners of the Commentator's Contest. We're pleased to announce the winners below.

Commentator Contest 6 Finalists:

  • CH: 3M45, BELLA&ANDY, Broudes, JZF, TW_Spencer and Romwo
  • TH: tcpcpz, lnwllsj, qiU_Uip, TH_Innnocent, ironmole, ohmveron

The winners of the CN & TH Commentator's Contest are:

Broudes & tcpcpz

First place (CN)
- Broudes

First place (TH) - tcpcpz

Congratulations to the following participants. They stand to win for themselves great cash prizes for coming out tops in the contest. Click on their names to view their contest entries for the finals,

First place Broudes tcpcpz 2,000 USD
2nd place Romwo
1,000 USD
3rd place TW_Spencer qiU_Uip 500 USD
4th place BELLA&ANDY TH_Innnocent 100 USD

Note to Winners: Please drop an email to stating your country, full name and contact number so that we can get in touch with you in regards to collection of the prize.

Thank you everyone for your participation. Look out for more contests and events on our portal for more chances to win great prizes.