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Clan Wars Freeze from 23 July

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The World of Tanks team would like to thank all of the Clans that participated in the first Clan Wars Campaigns. Winner and runners up announcements will be available soon.

Since the First Campaign has ended, Clan Wars will be frozen starting 23 July, 2013 @ 13:15 UTC+8 (5:15 UTC) It is scheduled to reopen in early August. Clans can choose to use this freeze period to kick back and relax or plan their tactics for the next round of world domination.

The following actions will be performed prior to unlocking:

  1.  Map will be fully wiped. All cooldowns reset.
    •    all provinces will be given to 'NPC' clan
    •    all battles, tournament tables will be erased, chips returned to reserve without penalties
    •    cooldowns on chips in reserve and HQ will be reset
    •    all riots (planned, happened or postponed) will be removed
    •    all cooldowns on ransacked provinces will be reset
    •    all agents will be removed
  2. All provinces and landing zones returrn to pre-Campaign stance.
  3. All income returned to pre-campaign stance
  4. Riots and ransacking enabled
  5.  Re-division of the world will be enabled for 1 day after unlocking the map with 32 applications limit. After re-division limit will be increased to 64

Until the next Clan Wars!