Preview of the Month: August 2022


While summer activities are in full swing, August is the month we celebrate World of Tanks' 12th Anniversary! Other events to look out for include Frontline's 2nd launch, Battle Pass Season VIII, Clan Showdown, Monthly Twitch Drops, and lots of chances to gain cool in-game rewards.

More details below.


  • World of Tanks 12th Anniversary

    We're bringing a beach party to you with exciting gifts and adventures! There will be special discounts and a daily First Victory bonus!
  • Frontline 2nd Launch

    This epic mode will retain the main principles from the first launch, but will include adjustments to the progression system and balance parameters. More importantly, added rewards including those never seen before!
  • Update 1.18

    This launch will feature some exciting new content! Stay tuned for more details and get ready to join the Common Test!
  • Battle Pass Season VIII

    As usual, a whole bunch of valuable Base and Improved Rewards are up for grabs, including unique Warhammer 40,000-themed 3D styles.

Important: The following events are subject to change without notice.

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1/8 - 8/8

1 - 8 Aug: Vehicle Sale:
Instruments of Rapid Destruction

Orchestrate a battle they won't forget. There's nothing more satisfying than ending enemies with quick, successive shots.

1/8 - 12/8

1 - 12 Aug 2022: Special Encore Sale
Rock on with with a special tank and new customizations!

5 - 12 Aug 2022: Heavy Metal Hero
This medium tank is ready to put on a show in battle.

5/8 - 12/8

5 - 12 Aug:
International Cat Day Activities

Feline reinforcements arrived! Lots of pet cat decals and the "Nine Lives" camouflage available at the in-game store for Gold. Completing the event mission grants you a chance to get cat-themed decals or even the "Nine Lives" camouflage!

5/8 - 12/8

5 - 12 Aug:
Vehicle Sale: Deadly Contenders

A couple of metal beasts with lethal firepower. Absorb damage for your team. Or choose to strike enemies down with high precision.

5/8 - 12/8

5 - 12 Aug:
Mountain Blessings Missions

Health is wealth. Complete Mountain Blessings missions for consumable rewards to keep your crew nourished in battle!

5/8 - 20/8

5 - 20 Aug:
On Track: AMX 50B + T110E3
Sale and Missions

Enjoy the fast-track of researching vehicles from the AMX 50B and T110E3 line! Credit vehicles on these tech trees are going at up to 50% off! You can also purchase extra deals from the Premium Shop or in-game shop to speed up your progress.

10/8 - 17/8

10 - 17 Aug:
Hungry Ghost Festival Missions

We don't want the hungry and angry spirits after us. Let's get a Camouflage Net so they don't see us. To be safe, let's gather their favorite consumables from the Food Offerings missions too.

23/8 - 30/8

23 - 30 Aug:
Vehicle Sale: A Big Gun

Get the job done with this Tank Destroyer's excellent damage and penetration. A rotatable turret allows you to fend off flank attacks.

25/8 - 1/9

25 Aug - 1 Sep:
Lethal Assassin

A stealthy vehicle that is perfect for espionage. Ambush your enemies and shell them with high accuracy and penetration values.

26/8 - 2/9

26 Aug - 2 Sep:
Vehicle Sale: Two Battle Buddies

Pick a gun that suits your playstyle. One has good accuracy and alpha damage, and the other has high DPM and penetration values.

26/8 - 29/8

26 - 29 Aug:
AusArmourfest Missions

Celebrate AusArmourfest in World of Tanks! Train your crew with missions that reward up to x3 Crew XP.

30/8 - 6/9

30 Aug - 6 Sep:
Vehicle Sale: Built for Maximum Chaos

Tier VIII vehicles ready to join any collector's garage. This sale includes a versatile medium that can fill most roles and a tank destroyer with remarkable damage capabilities.