ANZ Fantasy League Season Three

As of right now the ANZ Fantasy League is live! With it comes the ability for you to be your own ANZPL Team Manager. You’ll get to pick seven players to build out your roster, and be awarded points based upon their performance in each week. The top three at the end of the Season will win a share of 20,000 and some amazing gear from our ANZPL Sponsors HyperX and noblechairs. Keen to get involved? Click the button below and get started.

Click here to join

Once you’re on the website, all you need to do is head to the top right and sign in with your Wargaming Account. No extra account creation needed. From here all you need to do is navigate to the ‘Players’ tab. Once you’re here, you can pick your ultimate ANZFL team. To keep things interesting, we’re limiting your choices to a maximum of two players from any one team. Your first five picks will be your starting lineup, and your reserves will fill the spot of one of your starting five in the event they don’t play that week. 

Your fantasy players will be awarded points based on the following statistics:

  • Damage Dealt
  • Assisted Damage
  • Damage Blocked
  • Hit Percentage
  • Kills
  • Tanks Spotted
  • Base Defence Points
  • Time Alive

If you’d like to see the full breakdown of how the points will be calculated, feel free to click here. The full ANZFL Guide can also be accessed at the previous link.

New Rating System!

For this iteration of Fantasy League we are excited to announce player ratings! This season will introduce star ratings for each ANZPL player, from one to five stars, that will impact your ability to form a team. We've all seen those 'pick your team for $15' memes, and the same concept applies here. Fantasy captains will be given a total of 15 stars to populate their starting lineups, alongside the maximum of two players per team cap from last season. The 15 star cap does not factor in your reserve players, but in the event one of your reserve players is substituted into the starting line-up, their points will only be counted towards your total if their star rating is equal to or less than the player being substituted in your original starting five. The site will warn you if you have picked substitutes that cannot stand in for all players in your starting lineup, so use this opportunity to stack your bench with the dark horses on the lower side of the ratings.

Ratings have been assigned based on a number of Fantasy statistics, and incoming players have been rated based on their previous Clan Wars/competitive experience. Due to this being their debut Premier League season, incoming players were not eligible to receive a five star rating, however, we will be reviewing player ratings mid-season (after round four) and before the playoffs. Yes, that's right, we will be running Fantasy for the playoffs and finals this season, with its own exciting set of rewards to be announced in the coming weeks.

Seasonal Rosters

In the meantime, the only other thing you need to know about Fantasy this season is that the roster will remain selected throughout the season. So you're able to set and forget your team at the start of the season, or big brain the Fantasy stats from week to week in order to make sure your roster is fully optimized for any given match-day. You have until the ANZPL starts each week to change your roster, and at that point they’ll be locked until the round finishes where you’ll be free to pick your players again for the next week. This will repeat all the way up until the conclusion of the season.

Prize Pool

At the end of the season, the top three participants will receive the following:

First Place


HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Keyboard and a noblechairs Hero Black Chair

Second Place


HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Keyboard

Third Place


A Crisp High-Five


It’s time to follow along the ANZPL like never before, and have a chance at some of the same rewards the finalists will receive! Click the button down below if you’d like to participate, start sharing those teams in the #ANZPL channel in the Discord and keep an eye on the Portal for more ANZPL news in the lead up to the start of the season next Friday from 6:00PM UTC+10 on the WorldofTanksANZ Official Twitch Channel!