ANZ Community Frontline

Frontline is back! This time round we have a few additions and changes, of which you can fully read up on here. One thing that isn’t changing however, is the ANZ Frontline Community nights. For those who have taken part before, it’s the same great fun as always, but for those who might be joining us for the first time, here is a bit of a rundown.

Frontline will be enabled on the ANZ Server from 6PM-10PM AEST (UTC+11). In-game notifications will appear in the Notification Centre from 5:45PM AEST (UTC+11) to let everyone know to get ready for the night to begin. Matches on ANZ are organised to start every hour on the hour, so make sure you know exactly when your fellow ANZ commanders are forming up by joining the community Discord server here:

Join the Discord!

The Discord is run by our very own Community Contributor Napalmer, and is the forming area for a lot of ANZ Community run events. Jump into the form up room and have a chat with everyone participating, before forming off in your teams channel to communicate and have a laugh as the game commences, before jumping back up and doing it all again. It’s a great time to get to know the broader ANZ Community, and you might even see a cheeky WeeGee or two, or three, or even more.

We all know how much you love using Frontline as a credit earning opportunity, so the goal of these nights is to extend the games for as long as possible, so everyone has a great time. This is achieved by strategically taking positions and objectives as late as possible, to give everyone a chance to get in and have a solid go. 

These nights will repeat for the entirety of Stage I, and Napalmer will have codes to give out to the community each night for those participating, as well as your favourite Community Contributors who may be streaming the ANZ Community Frontline’s as well. It’s a great time to get in, earn some credits, enjoy Frontline and have a laugh with your ANZ Community, so make sure you’re queued up and ready at 6PM tonight, and every night through the week to make the most of it!