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Server Maintenance on 6 May, 2015

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The World of Tanks team would like to inform all players that there will be a maintenance on the server on 6 May, 2015 (Wednesday) starting from 05:00 UTC+8 (5 May, 21:00 UTC). It will take approximately ~ 45 minutes.

The World of Tanks Update 0.9.7_2 server micropatch will be applied during this downtime. The full patch notes are as follows:

  • Fixed long waiting times in queue for random battle on LT and SPG vehicle types
  • Fixed an interface issue where lack of experience (i.e. experience required to research something) was calculated twice for researchable tanks
  • Fixed an issue where information about special instructions was deleted after switching to another periphery (War Department)
  • Fixed some accounts freezing on login screen
  • Fixed teams getting stuck on respawn screens

We thank you for your patience and kind understanding.

Note: Due to this patch, Strongholds battles (besides skirmishes) will be reset from 03:59 UTC+8 (19:59 UTC, 05.052015) to 06:59 UTC+8 (22.59 UTC 05.05.2015).