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Account Transfers Complete

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Tank Commanders,

World of Tanks is pleased to inform you that requests for account transfers from the other clusters to SEA have been successfully completed. All the Tank Commanders can now enjoy these benefits of the SEA server!

  • Better game latency
  • Events and tournaments catered specially for the SEA region
  • Localised support for your region
  • Language support (English, Mandarin, Tagalog, Malay and Thai)
  • Convenient payment options

In addition, players can also get to participate in local tournaments such as Challenges, Leagues, Skirmishes and Clan Tournaments. Challenges are monthly tournaments based on historical events that occurred during that month. Leagues are league style tournaments that span a duration of 3 months and is by far, the longest and largest tournament that World of Tanks has. Skirmishes are weekly tournaments designed with the aim of injecting casual fun and lastly Clan Tournaments involve members of the same clan competing in quarterly clan tournaments. Besides these local tournaments, global tournaments are also available for players to participate in.

So get into the game now and start reaping these benefits. World of Tanks SEA welcomes you!

Please contact support should you have any queries.