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Account Transfer to SEA (Round 3) [UPDATED]

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SEA Transfer (Round 3) is now complete. Players can now log in and play their transferred accounts on SEA cluster. Welcome to SEA!



Tank Commanders,

If you had missed out on the previous account transfers to the SEA cluster, a new window of opportunity will be opening up for you.

In view of our growing player base and numerous player requests, we have decided to open transfers to the South-East Asia cluster once again to accommodate these requests.

If you are residing in countries of South-East Asia, consider having your account transferred to enjoy these benefits:

  • Dedicated community and support staff
  • Events, contests and tournaments catered to the South-East Asia cluster at more convenient timings
  • Optimal play hours for Clan Wars
  • Better latency

Applications for account transfer are now open and will last until 16:00 SGT 02/04/2013. The transfer procedure itself will take place on the same date (02/04) and will take approximately two working days to complete.

For those who are interested in transferring your account from the other servers to the SEA server, please register an account on the SEA server to reserve your nickname. Kindly test the SEA server first before opting for a transfer as all decisions made are final and will not be reverted.

Please note that upon successful transfer, players will not be able to return to their original servers and their current accounts will be transferred to the EXISTING account on the SEA server.

For guidelines on account transfer, please refer here.

Go to Account Transfer Application!