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Wargaming is Jetting Off to E3!

Wargaming is going to participate in E3, one of the largest international trade fair that is going to be held from 11th to 13th June, 2013 in Los Angeles. The company will demonstrate all of our  MMO projects: World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships.


Tank battles in the latest World of Tanks version will be alternating with air battles in World of Warplanes, the air MMO which provides players with completely revamped controls and graphics.

Marking its very first public showing, Wargaming’s highly anticipated World of Warships will be presented in a behind-the-scenes theater demo, where guests will not only get to see the game in action, but also experience the sights and sounds of true naval combat in a revolutionary domed theater. World of Warships demos begin on the half hour of each day of the show, with limited seating for each session.


World of Tanks:


World of Warplanes:


World of Warships: