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Premium Shop 2.01

Dear Commanders,

Along with the recent addition of our newly introduced Premium Shop, comes a huge new selection of sought-after items which may now be purchased. A new full range of Premium, Gold, Premium Tanks, and combination packages of these hot items are now available, even the new and currently limited to the premium shop Chinese 112 & T-34-3 war machines are up on the sales floor!

We have dropped our prices on some gold packages to maintain great value for money. Check out the new 1250, 3000 & 6500 gold packages prices for packages that suit you best.

 If you have bought these packages recently (1250, 3000 & 6500 gold) (between 11th October 2013 08.00 UTC and now) and missed out on our new sale prices, don’t worry, we will be backdating the reduced price and providing you a top-up gold payment of the difference shortly.

Check out Premium Shop 2.01

Premium Gift Shop Guide


Have fun shopping!