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Announcing new Clan Wars 'Subversion' Feature [UPDATED]



NOTE: Based on the feedback obtained from the COAF group (clan representatives), the Subversions feature due
                for implementation on 21st October has been postponed on the Asia Server. Thank you for your valued feedback
                on the topic.



Tank Commanders!

We are pleased to introduce a new game mechanic in our Clan Wars, called Subversion. This exciting new gameplay element will definitely play a part in your strategies as soon as it goes live, so read on to learn more about it!

Subversion – conquering your enemies from the inside

As a commander of your clan, Subversion will grant you more options to gain a strategic advantage on the Global Map by weakening enemy clans. This is done by the use of Subversive Groups, which are special units with special abilities similar to Spies and Counterspies that can affect enemy provinces in different ways.

There are a total of five different actions that can be performed by Subversive Groups. Here is a list of these actions, along with a brief explanation of their purpose:

  • Provocation - If a subversive group is successful in this activity, the selected province will revolt.
  • Rail War - This action closes the borders of the target province if successful. When a border is closed, clans cannot assign a headquarters or chips to the province.
  • Sabotage - When successfully performed, this will cause the province to remove a chip to the Reserve and become unavailable for the next 24 turns.
  • Annihilation - If successful, Annihilation will cause the enemy headquarters to be removed to the Reserve. The HQ will be unavailable for relocation for the next 24 turns.
  • Counterspy Liquidation - The subversive group immediately terminates the activities of the counterspy on the selected province.

Try out Subversion on 21st October for free

The new Subversion feature in Clan Wars will be released on 21st October. As part of its release, we will be offering a special incentive for all players involved in Clan Wars: for a limited time only, all special agents (spies, counterspies and subversive groups) will become available free of charge. At the same time however, it should be noted that we will also increase the cooldown of all special agents to 48 hours, from the previous 24 hours.

Do take advantage of this offer to learn how Subversion can help you achieve total victory on the Global Map! If you’ve been holding out on purchasing a special agent to boost your clan’s territories, this is your chance to experiment with your strategies freely.


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