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Update 7.5 Has Arrived!

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Tank Commanders,

Your wait is now over for Update 7.5 has finally arrived!

The World of Tanks team would like to inform all players that our server will be down on 02 August (Thursday), starting from 14:00hrs to 20:00hrs (SG, MY, PH) while the update is being applied.

Players who have a premium account at the time of the maintenance will be credited 1 day of premium time as compensation.

Let’s take a look at some of the changes you can expect to see in the 7.5 update:

Ten New Vehicles

We are pleased to announce that Version 7.5 will bring several new vehicles into the game.  The new vehicles are:

6 new tank destroyers:

  • JagdPz E-100 (German tier X)
  • Object 268 (Soviet tier X)
  • AMX-50 Foch (155) (French tier X)
  • T110E3 (American tier X)
  • T110E4 (American tier X)
  • Jagdpanther II (German tier VIII)

3 new medium tanks:

  • E-50 Ausf. M (German tier X)
  • T-62A (Soviet tier X)
  • M48A1 (American tier X)

1 new light tank:

  • ELC AMX (French tier V)

3 New Maps

Update 7.5 also brings three new maps to the game – the huge landscape of the Highway, the dense urban setting of Seaport and the picturesque scenery of the Serene Coast.  Explore these new locations and bring down the devastation of armoured warfare upon them!

Game Balance Improvements

A large number of existing vehicles have been tweaked and adjusted in order to make the game more enjoyable and balanced.

You can read more about the changes in the Update 7.5  Notes on the game portal.