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[Updated] 50% Discount on Premium Consumables

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Tank Commanders,

We are pleased to inform you that along with the release of update 8.6, we will be rolling out a special featuring a 50% discount on all premium consumables.

Starting from Update 0.8.6 date, the prices of these consumables will be reduced by half from 50 to 25 gold and from 20,000 to 10,000 credits respectively.

50% Discount on Premium Consumables

Event Start: Release of the 8.6 Update

Event End: Release of the 8.7 Update

Please note that timings are not fixed and may vary within that range.



Large Repair Kit
While equipped, passively adds 10% to crew's field-repair speed. When used, the kit repairs all currently damaged modules until the end of battle when activated by the respective button. Repaired modules can still be damaged again after the repair, and the passive effect is lost once the kit is consumed.












Large First Aid Kit
While equipped, provides 15% resistance to crew injury from penetrating hits. When used, heals all currently injured crew members until the end of battle when activated by the respective button. Healed crew members can still be re-injured or perish, and the passive effect is lost once the kit is consumed.
Automatic Fire Extinguisher Activates automatically 0.5 seconds after the tank catches fire and reduces the chance to catch fire by 10%.

105-octane Gasoline
Increases engine power (and therefore, vehicle acceleration) and turret traverse speed by 10% for a single match. There is no activation, this effect happens and the item is consumed if it is equipped.

Only available for American, British, German, and French vehicles when equipped with gasoline engines.
Extra Combat Rations Adds a flat 10, not a percentage, to the training level of all roles and crew skills for one entire match, so 75% would become 85%, etc. Perks are not affected. This bonus is still added to crews that have reached a 100% base training level. There is no activation. The item is consumed automatically at the start of a battle and the effect is triggered.

Extra Combat Rations are only available for Soviet vehicles.

Case of Cola is only available for American vehicles.

Chocolate is only available for German vehicles.

Pudding and Tea is only available for British vehicles.

Strong Coffee is only available for French vehicles.

Improved Combat Rations are only available for Chinese vehicles.
Case of Cola
Pudding and Tea
Strong Coffee
Improved Combat Rations

It's a good time to stock up on these consumables or boost your performance on the battlefield. Be sure to take advantage of this 50% discount!