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15% Bonus Gold with Gold Purchase [UPDATED]

Tank Commanders!

Together with the introduction of small denomination gold packages (190 and 600 Gold) via MOL payment method, World of Tanks is also offering a special bonus for gold purchases.

From 29 August, 17:00hrs to 05 September, 17:00hrs (SH, MY, PH), all Gold purchases made from the Get Gold page will receive an additional 15% bonus gold.

If you make the payment on Gold purchase after 17:00hrs on 29 August, you will receive the specified bonus in your game account.

To take advantage of this offer, simply purchase Gold with any payment option available and your game account will receive 15% additional gold as a bonus! You can learn more about the World of Tanks payment services here.

Please note that this offer does not apply to gold purchased from the Gift Shop.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to receive extra gold and accelerate the upgrade of your tanks!

Get Gold

[UPDATED] The 15% extra gold bonus is now over. Please keep a lookout for more specials in the near future!