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01-31 October: Month of Clans

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Tank Commanders,

October is officially the Month of Clans where we are encouraging everyone to join a clan, or start them up yourselves and create your own great and powerful clan.

In order to support players wishing to start their own clans, we are offering to refund the 2500 gold it requires to create a clan if the clan meets the following requirements:

  • The clan must be created between the 1st of October and the 31st of October
  • The clan must have a recruiting thread within the WOT Asia forums and linked in the submission.
  • The clan must have at least 20 members at the time of the submission review.
  • The clan must have an external site/forum with the link provided in the submission.
  • The clan must have a voice communication platform (i.e. TeamSpeak, RaidCall, etc.) and its details must be provided in the submission.

All eligible clans must submit their entries before the 7th of November for review within the submissions forum thread located here.

We would like to welcome and encourage every player who has wanted to start their own clans to do it now and take part in our Clan Month. Gather your friends and create the greatest clan the World of Tanks has ever seen!

Good luck, and have fun creating your clan!

Submit your Clan for review here


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