Update 1.4.1

1. Update 1.4.1 Common Test


Spring is right around the corner, and alongside the new season, a fresh update is coming to World of Tanks! In the upcoming Update 1.4.1, we will treat you to special gifts called “Random Rewards”. In addition, were introducing new opportunities for Crew customization, Crew Skins

Okay, let's get down to the heart of the matter.

Random Rewards

With Update 1.4.1, we're introducing "Random Rewards". As you may have guessed, these will drop with a certain probability when playing Tier V-X vehicles. They will be awarded for a strong performance in battle, so: the more effective your actions and the higher you are in your team by experience earned (top 3, top 5, etc.), the more likely you are to get a Random Reward. After each battle in which you could, but didn't receive a Reward, the probability of getting one in the next battle increases.

Okay, exactly what are these Random Rewards?

To celebrate your performance in battle, you can earn:

  • Consumables
  • Credits
  • Bonds
  • And some more

In your Garage, there will be a special "probability indicator" that displays the chance of getting a Random Reward. It will be implemented as a special icon with three gradations, each of which shows the probability of receiving a Reward in future battles. When you receive a Random Reward the probability is reset and the process repeats.

NOTE: The probability of receiving Random Rewards is influenced not only by your actions, but also by your behavior on the battlefield. If you break the game rules, then your probability of receiving a Random Reward for a given battle won’t increase.

There will be 2 types of Random Rewards: small and large. The first four rewards you earn will be small and the fifth will be large and of course, the contents of a large reward will be more valuable.

Pay attention: Random Rewards do not accumulate and open immediately upon receipt (at the end of a battle).

Note: The composition and the frequency for receiving Random Rewards for the Common test are not final. After the release of the Update, we'll change both of these parameters. Now we want you to test this new feature and share your feedback.

Crew Skins

Another significant feature of the upcoming update is a new type of customization, Crew Skins. Thanks to this feature, you can momentarily replace Crew members of your vehicles with either real historical figures or fancy, cool and even slightly strange characters.

The first 3 Crew Skins will be credited to your account for free with the upcoming update. More Crew Skins will be available in the Random Rewards you earn.

NOTE: We plan to have memes and funny characters that can take place of any Crew members, without restriction of vehicle class or nation. However, Crew Skins with historical personas will have restrictions based on the nation and the specialisation of the Crew member. Crew Skins will be available only in large Random Rewards.

All regions will have with their own sets of Crew Skins with predefined information (avatar/photo image, first and last name).

You can apply each Crew Skin to only one Crew member and will have to remove it if you want to use it for another Crew member. Both the application and removal of Crew Skins are free of charge and any unused Crew Skins will be kept in your Personal File.

To apply Crew Skins, you need to go into the Personal File of your Crew members and manually select the desired Skins.


Note: This is a brief overview. A dedicated article will be coming soon, going into more detail on this new feature.

Blueprints are special content items that you can get from Random Rewards and can be used to get discounts when you research new tanks.

The higher the vehicle Tier, the more Blueprints it’s made up of and with every Blueprint you receive, your discount grows. This means if you collect every single Blueprint of a specific tank, you will receive a 100% XP discount on the research cost of the vehicle.

NOTE: Blueprints can only be obtained from Random Rewards. They are not purchasable for Credits, Gold or real money.    

You don’t have to collect all the Blueprints to take advantage of them, but the more you have, the bigger the discount you will receive.

Blueprints will drop at random and are available for vehicles of all branches and nations from Tier II to Tier X, including vehicles that you have already researched. To make it easier for you to track the number of collected Blueprints, we'll introduce special progress bars, divided into sections. After receiving a Blueprint, one of the respective sections will be filled in.  

If you get a Blueprint for a vehicle, which you have either researched or have all the necessary Blueprints already, it will turn into a “national” or a “universal” Blueprint. National Blueprints can be used on any vehicle of their respective nation (for example, if you receive a national Blueprint for France, it can be used on any vehicle in the French tech tree), while universal Blueprints can be used on any vehicle of any nation.

Please note: you can convert only "national" and "universal" Blueprints, but Blueprints that you already have for a specific tank cannot be converted. You may find out that you already have a discount for some vehicles right in your Research tab.

Attention: The discount will be granted on the research cost of a tank, but not its modules! 

Keep an eye out for all the details regarding Blueprints and the future of this feature in a dedicated article to be published later. Stay tuned!

2. Meet the New Crew Skins


With the release of Update 1.4.1, we will introduce a brand new feature: crew skins! You already know how to customise your tanks with camos, styles, emblems, inscriptions, and decals, but if you want to add even more character to your vehicles, try the following crew skins!

A handful of them are real historical figures involved in tank warfare, some of them are small jokes, and most of them are actually inspired by (pop) culture references. Will you recognise them all?

Important: Historical skins will have fixed names, nations and gender, while other characters would be able to change some or all the mentioned characteristics. 
  • Historical Figures
  • Brave Tankers
  • Brave Tankers 2
  • Fool Tankers

Pavel Rybalko

Commander of tanks and combined arms units during World War II, Pavel Rybalko participated in many major battles, including Kharkov, Kursk and Berlin. He was decorated as Hero of the Soviet Union. Twice.

Mikhail Katukov

Believe it or not, he was also named Hero of the Soviet Union twice. As Marshal of Armored Troops, Mikhail Katukov fought in Moscow, Kursk, Berlin and other significant battles during World War II. He was portrayed in the movie 'Patton', which leads us to the next guy!

George S. Patton

Patton is undoubtedly one of the most famous generals of World War II. He was in charge of the American troops in the Mediterranean region, when the Allies attacked Sicily. He was later involved in the Normandy campaign. Made famous by his discipline, Patton was a tough military leader.

Charles de Gaulle

An early adopter of tanks, Charles de Gaulle was a French general. He resisted the very idea of surrendering his country to the foe and organised the resistance from London. He thought hard to put an end to the occupation and was later elected as President of the French Republic.

Vasily Chapayev

Vasily Chapayev fought in World War I as a division commander of the Red Army and became quite popular thanks to the novel Chapaev by Dmitry Furmanov. He still frequently appears in movies!

Oksana Shevchenko

Born into the family of a grizzled military officer, Oksana decided to walk in the footsteps of her father. You better not be fooled by her appearance – she's a tough soldier and knows her duty very well.

Oliver Murdoc

We don't know much about him and his past, but he definitely wants to forget a dark story. That's why he chose to join the armoured forces. Since then, he does his share, so let's respect his privacy!

Gabriel Lyman

Once, Gabriel bet he could give up everything to become a tanker, and that's precisely what he did, leaving behind his life as a successful jazz musician and saxophone god. He now waits patiently for the war to end, so he can resume his career in the showbiz. 

Emran Shankar

Awarded by the order of British India of the second class, Emran came a long way. He dedicated most of this life to be a soldier, and the U.K. allowed him to fulfil his full military potential.

Chester O'Brien

This British engineer was sent to Australia to help the local specialists involved in the manufacturing of the famous Sentinel tanks. When the production of these vehicles was however discontinued, O'Brien stayed in Brisbane.

Konrad Wittmayer

Reticent, grim and fearsome, Conrad knows only one thing: his duty. His comrades have a wholesome respect for him, as they prefer fighting on his side than imagining the calculating mind that hides behind his mask.

Wilhelm Berghoff

An embodiment of German efficiency, Wilhelm was trained the old-school way. Irreproachable in carrying out of his line of duty, he prefers to stay alone, detached from every human being and possessions. 

Christophe Lamber

This mysterious character commanded a Saint-Chamond tank during World War I. During one of his battles, the tank was damaged by the enemy artillery. He then ordered his crew to evacuate but didn't abandon his tank. He kept repeating "there can be only one", though.

Audrey Dupont

Born in Marseille, Audrey joined the French resistance pretty early on and was assigned to a tank when the Free French Forces regrouped in London. She's known for the axe she wears for close combat, that discourages enemies to close in on her tank!

Hideo Tanaka

Hideo knows the principles of Bushido and follows its teachings rigorously. His obsession with the doctrine was rather strange to some of his comrades, but they agreed unanimously that he is the most honest and reliable soldier.

Josef Svejk

"Not every man can have wisdom. Stupid people have to exist too, because if everyone was wise, then there would be so much good sense in the world that every other person would be driven crazy by it."

Tzinedi Tzidane

Before his recruitment, this guy was, believe it or not, a professional footballer, so he was already well-disciplined and had a lot of stamina. Don't worry, Tzinedi is a real team player!

Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

Grzegorz graduated from the Polish Artillery School in Chrząszczyżewoszyce (powiat Łękołody) and started service in the armored corps just by random luck.

Björn Ragnarsson

Hardened, persistent and committed: Björn is a real Northman. As a fan of sea adventures, he dreamt of joining the Swedish Navy but ended up in the armoured forces, where its dedication is sure appreciated.

Alessandro Lotti

Alessandro Lotti a very strict and ascetic atmosphere since its childhood. His habits were quickly spotted by the army, which turned him in a very efficient, hard-working and reliable fighter, and a true comrade!

Hellu Van Oob

He knows the game by heart. All the vehicles. All the maps. All the mechanics. A talented strategist and an excellent tactician, for sure. Well, that's what he says at least.

Kannot Gitgud

Once, Kannot was a star but gained considerable tank handling expertise meantime. Now retired, this guy puts all his knowledge into practice. 

Toma Teu

This dude is always the first one to move out and jump into action, simply because he hates having to catch up.

Uni Corn

Are you actually seeing that? Are you sure? What exactly have you been eating today?

Arengee Penetrael

The alpha. The omega. They decided the fate of your shells. You better treat them with respect, and perhaps then your next shot will be successful.


Roll out!

3. Blueprints: Everything You Need to Know


Researching new tanks is always very exciting and we’re introducing a new featureBlueprintsto make it that much better! By collecting them, you’ll be able to get discounts when researching new vehicles.

NOTE: The Blueprints concept is not yet finalized. This feature consists of many aspects and is under active development, so there will be adjustments in the future.

General Overview

Blueprints are special items (exclusive to Rewards for Merit) that will drop with a certain probability when playing Tier V-X vehicles. They are not purchasable for Credits, Gold, real money, etc.

Blueprints can be used to get discounts when you research new tanks, which means they save you time and boost your progression in World of Tanks. Pay attention: The discount will be granted on the research cost of the tank, but not its modules!

The more effective you are in battle, the more likely you are to get a Reward for Merit and each Blueprint you earn corresponds to a specific vehicle. These items are available for tanks of all branches and nations from Tier II to Tier X, including vehicles that you have already researched. 

NOTE: The higher the vehicle Tier, the more Blueprints it’s made up of and with every Blueprint you receive, your discount grows. This means if you collect every single Blueprint of a specific tank, you will receive a 100% XP discount on the research cost of the vehicle.

Blueprints for a specific tank are automatically applied. They immediately reduce the amount of experience needed to research it but do not affect its cost in Credits. 

Track the Number of Collected Blueprints

To make it easier for you to keep track of how many Blueprints you’ve already collected for a specific tank, we’ll introduce a special progress bar, divided into sections. Each time you receive a Blueprint, one of the respective sections will be filled in.

If you earn a Blueprint for an already researched vehicle, it will turn into a universal or national Blueprint. 

  • Universal Blueprints are suitable for tanks of any nation.
  • National Blueprints can be used on vehicles of their respective nation.  

National and universal Blueprints won't give you discounts until they are converted to Blueprints for a specific machine. To do this, you will need a certain number of each.

For vehicles of different tiers, the number and ratio of national and universal Blueprints will vary.

  • For example, in order to create a Blueprint of a Tier IV vehicle, you will need 1 national and 4 universal Blueprints.
  • For Tier V vehicles, you will need 2 national and 6 universal Blueprints.
  • For Tier X tanks, you will need 4 national and 12 universal Blueprints. 

Follow the progress of your vehicle research and Blueprints using the special tab in the Tech Tree.

Interactive image. Assemble the blueprint and get a discount on vehicle research of up to 100%. Use or to apply different types of blueprint fragments. To research a vehicle, click (Research).
In Depot:
IV P26/40
Blueprint fragments:
1 / 4
Discount on research:
or 1040
Research without spending experience
How to Assemble:
Receive Rewards for Merit. Each one has a chance to contain a blueprint fragment.
The following fragments of this blueprint will be converted automatically:
The blueprint is partially assembled
Blueprint Assembled
IV P26/40
You have researched the vehicle!
Discount on research: 25%
Experience spent: 3120