Gamescom 2016

1. Update 9.16


Update 9.16

Update 9.16 of World of Tanks is scheduled for later this year. Some of the most interesting aspects of this update are the introduction of the Paris map to the Random Battles roster and the addition of a new nation, Sweden, to the game! The Swedish tech tree will also get its very first Premium vehicle!

Paris Map

This map had been planned for release with the Rampage game mode, but due to the circumstances at the time, the decision was made to put the map's release on hold. 

Since then, we have worked on the map a bit, introducing various tweaks and adapting it for Random Battles. The map will finally make its way to World of Tanks in the next update to the game.

Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2

The vehicle is a Premium Tier VI medium tank that paves the way for Sweden as a playable nation in World of Tanks. 

2. New Nation: Sweden


New Nation: Sweden

3. Event for New Game Mode