1. Maps


Test of the Stalingrad Map

A test of the reworked Stalingrad map (v.1) started on February 26. Below are the changes the map underwent at the test stage:

  • Several distinct combat zones have formed. Some are meant for quick and manoeuvreable vehicles, and some are for slow and heavily-armoured vehicles. These combat zones will determine gameplay for the corresponding vehicle types.
  • Additional ways of controlling faraway combat zones have been created (e.g. open areas exposed to fire).
  • The visual environment has been improved. Snow visually separates buildings from the terrain. Unnecessary heaps of debris in the streets, which obstructed vehicular movement in battle, have been removed. The number of objects in the main play zones has been considerably decreased. This should indirectly improve framerates.
  • To further improve framerates, the size of the map has been significantly decreased. Players will now be able to use simpler tactics. Keeping the map small will also intensify combat, form distinct combat zones, and prevent the map from becoming a labyrinth.

This is the first stage of the map test. Its future will be determined after the analysis of statistical data and feedback from Supertest participants.

Other Changes

  • New map for Rampage game mode: Ravaged Capital
  • Improved Map: Sacred Valley
Ravaged Capital Sacred Valley