9.15: Physics, Sounds, and Other Features

1. 9.15: Physics


Vehicle Movement Physics

Improved vehicle movement physics fixed the problems with which players could have faced: getting stuck when traversing slopes, reduced speed when driving through small obstacles. New vehicles maneuvers have appeared.

But besides the positive points, the analysis of players’ feedback determined a range of tense points that need early solution. The most critical ones are:

  • Frequent overturns of vehicles when driving at high speed on complex terrain

  • A large amount of damage got when falling

  • Vehicles getting stuck after partial hull contact with an obstacle (houses, stones, enemy vehicles, etc.)

Upcoming improvements will fix the issues mentioned above and will included in version 9.15.

2. 9.15: Sounds

  • Update 9.14_3:
    • Improved the sound of a shell hitting a tank
    • Added a sound of operation of Binocular Telescope and Camouflage Net
  • Update 9.15:
    • Revised criteria of changing the sound of damage penetration, depending on the number of HP taken: 0-17% - small damage, 17-35% - medium damage, more than 35% - high damage
    • Added ability to select the type of speaker system (2.0 or 2.1) in the settings menu “Sound”
    • Supporting modifications of sound component of WoT.

3. 9.15: Display of Vehicle Characteristics


New Representation of Technical Characteristics

Click and drag on the slider or click on the "Before" and "After" buttons to see a Before/After comparison between the old and new representations of technical characterstics.

In the new version, players will be able to choose between two formats for the display of technical characteristics: in the game settings players can select either the previous display format or the new one. The only need to open the game settings and check/uncheck the Display Simple Technical Characteristics in Garage option.

Simple Technical Characteristics In this format, vehicle parameters are classified under five groups: Firepower, Survivability, Mobility, Concealment, and Recon.

  • Firepower— This is the group of technical characteristics that describe the gun and its aiming parameters. It comprises the following:
    • Standard Shell Damage;
    • Standard Shell Penetration;
    • Rate of Fire;
    • Gun Reload Time;
    • Gun Traverse Speed;
    • Gun Elevation/Depression Angles;
    • Aiming Time;
    • Dispersion at 100 m;
    • Average Damage per Minute;
    • Other details.
  • Survivability— This is the group of technical characteristics that describe vehicle's qualities which determine its survivability in battle:
    • Number of vehicle durability points;
    • Hull Armor;
    • Turret Armor.
  • Mobility— This is the group of technical characteristics that describe vehicle mobility:
    • Weight/Load Limit;
    • Engine Power;
    • Specific Power (engine power/weight ratio);
    • Speed Limit;
    • Traverse Speed.
  • Concealment— This is a completely new characteristic that describes effectiveness of vehicle concealment:
    • Concealment of a Motionless Vehicle (before and after a shot);
    • Concealment of a Moving Vehicle (before and after a shot);
  • Recon This is the group of technical characteristics that describe the View Range and Signal Range:
    • View Range;
    • Signal Range.

Each group of technical characteristics has a rating that indicates effectiveness of each vehicle aspect. 

Dynamic Technical Characteristics

Dynamic technical characteristics are parameters that can change their value depending on mounted equipment, the levels of the major qualifications achieved by crew members, acquired Perks and Skills, particular types of consumables, etc. Changes to the technical characteristics will be displayed in the Garage. For example, once all crew members have acquired the Brothers in Arms perk, you will be able to see the effect it has on the technical characteristics of the vehicle.

Tooltips of modules/additional equipment will also be changed. They will display not only information about the module/additional equipment, but also the changes to technical characteristics that will occur after mounting the module. Now, you will be informed of which characteristics have been affected after mounting Improved Ventilation or using food consumables.

In addition to the dynamic technical characteristics, the tooltips will display new information. For example, ammunition tooltips now contain information about armour-piercing potential at distance.

Vehicle Preview Mode

The preview mode allows players to view new vehicles before purchasing them. This includes not only the technical characteristics, but also the vehicle itself. You will now be able to preview the in-game model of an unpurchased vehicles in the Garage. The preview window can be opened from the Tech Tree and from the Armory.

In the preview mode players will be able to view the vehicle and look through its technical characteristics in different configurations (top/non-top gun, etc.).

4. 9.15: Other Features


Personal Missions Redesigned

"Personal Missions": these two words mean a lot for any virtual tanker. The redesigned personal missions will bring a new wave of Random battles, paving the way to the goal: unique tanks, credits, female crew, and much more.

In the new patch, some chains of missions for all five vehicle types will be improved. The changes to personal missions were made based on analysis of statistics, such as mission completion rates and community feedback. 

New Vehicles Filters in the Hangar

One of the new features of 9.15 will be additional hangar filters in the vehicle “carousel”. It will be possible, and convenient, to choose which set of vehicles you want displayed. Filters will be available for not only types, tiers and nations, but also for vehicles for which the first victory EXP bonus of the day has not been claimed. This means less time for searching for vehicles, and more time for battle. Roll out!

Aim Improvements

In the HUD settings, there will be an option that enables you to use a new type of reticle, which has a full solid circle for the Dispersion indicator and a reload indicator.

Also, regardless of the chosen reticle type, the maximum possible zoom will be increased. Players will now be able to zoom in their aim to 16X and 25X magnification. Up to this point, maximum zoom has been up to 8X, so targeting enemy vehicles will now be easier. Information about the current zoom level will be displayed in the HUD as well.

Hangar Display of Server Ping

Hangars will now display server pings, so players will be able to choose the most suitable places and times for playing World of Tanks.

(Ping is the response time of your PC to a given request. In other words, it’s the period of time between the moment a data packet is sent from your PC to another PC, and the moment a corresponding data packet is received from that PC.)

Important! Ping to game servers is requested only in the following cases: when opening login screen, when choosing a server to go and when leaving a battle.

Battle End Notifications and Base Capture Indicators

Victory and defeat are decided by several factors: a player's own skill, teamwork, luck, and many more... inclusive of situational awareness. While one is engaged in heated combat with the enemy, it’s easy to forget about the time remaining in battle, and also to miss the moment. While you were busy fighting and chasing your prey, the enemy team may have captured your base. Each of us has almost definitely faced such a situation before.

With the release of Update 9.15, this information will be more noticeable: there will be a notification about the impending end of a battle, which will be difficult to not notice. The notifications will be displayed in two scenarios, in the form of a timer: when there is less than two minutes to the end of a battle, and once more when only 20 seconds remain until the end of a battle.

Base Capture Indicators will also be improved, providing more data for the player. Besides displaying the extent of capture, the number of tanks capturing a base will also be displayed, along with the time remaining until the base is fully captured.

This information will allow you to plan your actions in advance during battle, such as choosing the time and method of getting to the base which is being captured, and to estimate the chances of the positive outcome of your attempt to capture the base.

Improved Proving Grounds

Some changes will be applied to the Proving Grounds game mode. For example, the size of the team roster for Proving Grounds will be increased to 15v15.

The minimum number of players required to form a team for Proving Grounds is still 1, but despite increase in roster size, the maximum number of players in a team is still 7.