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Think of this as your personal headquarters. The Garage is where you can manage your tanks, communicate with other players, train your crew, purchase equipment, check your statistics, and access many other tools to help optimize your World of Tanks experience.


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1Menu 9 Missions 17 Vehicle Modules
2Player Menu 10 Navigation 18 Equipment
3Account Type 11 Player Count 19 Ammunition
4Play in Platoon 12 Vehicle Crew 20 Consumables
5Battle/Battle Modes 13 Vehicle Characteristics 21 Contacts
6Game Currency - Gold 14 Current Tank 22 Channels
7Game Currency - Credits 15 Service 23 Channel Panel
8Game Currency - Experience 16 Exterior 24 Vehicles in Your Garage
    25 Notifications

1. Menu

Click this to bring up the main system menu. Here you can switch to another server, open the Settings menu, or exit World of Tanks.

2. Player Menu

This displays the account currently logged in. Clicking this will give you a quick look at your Service Record, including your Personal Rating, number of battles fought, win rate, the Clan you're in (if applicable), and a button leading to your full Service Record.

3. Account Type

Displays your account type; either normal or Premium. If you have Premium account status, this displays the number of remaining days of your Premium status. You can also click this menu item to purchase or extend Premium time.

4. Play in Platoon

Platoons are groups in which you and friends can head into battle together. Click this to bring up the Platoon creation menu and begin inviting friends.

5. Battle / Battle Modes

Roll Out! Once you've selected a vehicle, the big red Battle button sends you into queue for battle. You can also first select your battle mode on the selection to the right. Choose from Random Battle (default selection; instantly matched with other players), Team or Tank Company Battles, Training modes, or other special battle modes depending on current promotions.

6. Game Currency - Gold

The current amount of Gold in your account. Gold is used to buy Premium vehicles, special ammo, or featured bundles of items. Click this to visit the Premium Shop (opens your web browser).

7. Game Currency - Credits

Your current amount of Credits. Credits are earned in-game, mainly by playing battles, and can be used to buy non-Premium vehicles, items or equipment. Credits can also be bought with Gold.

8. Game Currency - Experience

Your current amount of Experience (or "XP"). Experience is a form of points you earn for participating in battles, and it's what you redeem to research new vehicles. Experience can be used to upgrade the stats of the tank on which it was earned, or be converted to Free Experience and used on any vehicle you own (for a small Gold fee). Click this to bring up the conversion menu.

9. Missions

Click to bring up the Missions menu, where you can accept and attempt Missions or Personal Missions. The difference? Missions are usually tied to special events and don't last forever; Personal Missions are lengthy campaigns that you can attempt at your leisure. Either way, you stand to earn everything from currency to items to actual vehicles!

10. Navigation

This menu lets you shift to other areas of the Garage:

    • Depot: A categorized list of everything you currently own in your account -- not just vehicles, but the modules, ammo and items they're equipped with.
    • Store: Purchase vehicles and items directly. Resembles the Depot menu, but basically the opposite (it's everything you don't own!)
    • Service Record: Your complete World of Tanks career by the numbers. Battle numbers, win rates, vehicle usage, and earned awards, among other stats.
    • Tech Tree: Each nation's vehicle arsenal at a glance. View the progression of tanks, their currency costs, and research individual parts to move on to successive vehicles. 
    • Barracks: All the brave soldiers under your command. Filter them by role, assign them to and from vehicles, or enlarge your Barracks to fit more crew members.
    • Stronghold: If you're in a Clan, you can access the Strongholds game mode from here. Try a more strategic setting to World of Tanks battles!

11. Player Count

Shows the server's current number of players: those actively in battle, and those who aren't.

12. Vehicle Crew

The Crew assigned to the selected vehicle. Left-click a member to reassign them, or right-click to view their personal files and change details, or quickly send them back to the Barracks.

13. Vehicle Characteristics

The selected vehicle's stats. Above is a button to view its Research page.

14. Current Tank

The selected vehicle itself, sitting pretty in the middle of the Garage. Click below (24) to select different vehicles.

15. Service

Bring up the Service menu to repair your vehicle, add or change ammo, or equip consumables. (Currency fees apply.)

16. Exterior

Use the Exterior menu to change your vehicle's camouflage, or apply emblems and inscriptions. (Currency fees apply.)

17. Vehicle Modules

Displays the currently-equipped modules (guns, engines, radios, etc.). Click on a square to switch between available ones. (You may need to research additional modules to do so.)

18. Equipment

Displays the currently used equipment (view range boosters, armor enhancers, crew skill boosters, etc.). Click on a square to buy and apply equipment. Some equipment is "complex," meaning that unless you spend some Gold to save it, it'll be destroyed when you attempt to remove it from a vehicle. Since equipment is expensive, you typically don't want to lose any that you've purchased.

19. Ammunition

Vehicles can use three different types of ammo, which vary according to the vehicle type. Rounds are typically available in armor-piercing and high-explosive varieties, while special rigid rounds can be purchased with in-game currency. Clicking a square brings up the Service menu.

20. Consumables

As their name implies, there are single-use items that will need to be resupplied once used. Click a square to bring up the Service menu and browse or buy consumables. Types of consumables include repair kits, engine-power boosters, fire extinguishers, and other items that can help you in a pinch, or offer a nice ability enhancement in battle.

21. Contacts

View, manage and message your list of friends. You can also search for new contacts, put users on your personal Blacklist, or keep in touch with your Clan.

22. Channels

Brings up the chat channel directory. Search for a channel to join, or create your own for custom communication.

23. Channel Panel

Chat channels you're currently sitting in. By default, this shows the server's General chat channel, and your Clan's channel, if applicable.

24. Vehicles in Your Garage

Here's where it all begins: your tank lineup! Your entire collection is displayed here, and you can scroll left or right through the list and choose the one that fits your mood. On the far left are special filtering buttons that will only show you tanks from a certain nation, vehicle class, or which ones you've marked "Primary" (i.e., your favorites).

25. Notifications

Click to view a feed of real-time updates of your game activity or what's happening on the server. Get alerted to battle results, game events, server downtime, and other actions. Certain notifications will automatically pop up while you're in the Garage.