Game controls


  • Use W, A, S, D to move your vehicle

  • Press R (forward) or F (backward) to enable cruise control

  • Press R twice to switch to full-speed forward

  • Press F twice to switch to full-speed reverse


  • Left-click to fire

  • Press Shift to quickly switch to first-person ("sniper") view or back again

  • Press Space to stop instantly. Press again, fire, or move in a direction to disengage

    • Helpful in case you need to aim better. Can also pause/resume cruise control.


  • Right-click a target to enable auto-aim

  • To disable, Right-click outside the target or press E


  • Move the mouse or use the cursor keys to control the camera

  • Scroll the mouse wheel or press PgUp/PgDn to zoom in/out

  • Hold the Right Mouse Button to prevent the turret from moving


  • Use the 1-3 keys to switch between shells

  • Use the 4-6 keys to choose consumables.

    • Select the damaged module to repair it, or the injured crew member you want to heal

Battle Chat

  • Press Enter to activate the chat, then...

  • Press Tab to cycle through your chat options (team, all, Platoon)

  • Press Enter to send a message to the selected option

  • Press Esc or Left-click outside the chat field to close it

  • Press T to issue context-sensitive messages

    • Example: Target a teammate and press T to say "follow me!" Target an enemy and press T to request fire from artillery. Or as artillery, target an enemy to announce who you're targeting.

You can change key assignments and see more commands within the game under the Controls tab in the Settings menu.