Battle Screen

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The World of Tanks battle screen features a heads-up display (HUD) that provides essential information during the battle. This is where you'll communicate with other players, see the status of your tank, and above all, know when and where the enemy is located. It may look like a lot to keep track of, but once you know what to look for and concentrate on, you'll already be on the path to becoming an ace tanker.


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1Framerate 6 Team Panel 11 Minimap
2Ping/Lag Indicator 7 Vehicle Marker 12 Vehicle Indicators
3Team Lineups 8 Reticle 13 Ammunition and Consumables
4Score 9 Battle Chat  
5Battle Clock 10 Vehicle Condition  

1. Framerate

Displays the graphics' frames-per-second (fps). If your game runs too slow/choppy, considering adjusting the graphics settings for higher fps and smoother movement.

2. Ping/Lag Indicator

Measures the latency of your connection to the game via ping (millisecond response) and lag (overall connection quality, represented by a bulb icon). Low/good ratings for both means a better play experience! 

3. Team Lineups

The roster for both sides, represented by their vehicle class icons. Destroyed vehicles will fade slightly from the lineup. Use this as a quick way to keep track of who on a team is still standing.

4. Score

Tallies the vehicles destroyed by either side. 

5. Battle Clock

Counts down the remaining time in a battle (minutes:seconds).

6. Team Panel

A more detailed list of each team's lineup, including player name, vehicle, and tier number. As a side note, you can press and hold the Tab key to display a fully complete team roster. (However, this will obscure the rest of the screen.) Like on the Team Lineup above, destroyed vehicles will fade slightly and move to the bottom of the list.

7. Vehicle Marker

When an enemy or ally tank is visible, this marker shows their tier, vehicle name, vehicle type, and HP, among other indicators. You can customize how many indicators make up a vehicle marker under the "Marker" tab in Settings.

8. Reticle

The all-important aiming indicator! The central marker (small triangular arrow) remains in the center of the screen for you to guide your turret, while the gun marker (dotted circle) shows where the gun is currently pointed. Other indicators include the dispersion indicator, ammo load, and others.

You can customize the look of all these reticle indicators under the "Reticle" tab in Settings.

9. Battle Chat

This shows chat messages between the teams. Chat can be disabled in random battles via the "General" tab in Settings (where you can also choose to censor offensive language).

10. Vehicle Condition

This panel shows a simplified diagram of your vehicle, and the status of its modules or Crew. The vehicle diagram in the center shows your vehicle's relative position, giving you a quick look at how you're positioned in case your view is zoomed in or you're about to escape an enemy. A speedometer to the upper left shows your current speed, or if your vehicle is set in auto-forward or reverse gear (R or F keys, respectively).

Damaged modules or Crew will light up on the condition panel.

11. Minimap

Glance at this map for a good look at the battlefield. Refer to the grid letters and numbers to coordinate strategy with your team. Press the + or - keys to enlarge or shrink the map size.

12. Vehicle Indicators

These icons on the minimap show exactly where you, your allies, or the enemies are located. However, enemies are only displayed when spotted, and if sight on them is lost, their icons fade out slightly and stay at their last-known location.

13. Ammunition, Equipment, Consumables

Use these icons to see which of your ammo types, equipment or consumes are active or remaining. Use the designated number keys to select or activate the item (equipment often works automatically).