Guide on How to Use Perks and Skills

Note: This guide is not a direct rule to follow and players can train their crew according to their personal preferences, selecting perks and crew skills to their favoured tactics. This configuration is provided as an example of how the crew skills and perks can be used on various vehicle types.

General Skills and Perks

Besides various skills and perks, a player should also not neglect crucial basic skills, such as repair and camouflage, elements which are vital for about a half of all in-game vehicles.


General Skills
Repair – Skill

Is necessary for all vehicles except for SPGs. If you decide to play without the repair option, be prepared to see your tank often destroyed or your tacks broken. A stationary target has little survivability therefore it’s better to reconsider whether or not you need a repair qualification.


Is also a very important element especially for the smaller sized vehicles. Although this skill is hardly of much use for Maus, SU-14 and T92, it is especially benefitting to T-54, STUG III or a similar sized tank. In this case, camouflage will give a good bonus to hiding.

Eagle Eye
Firefighting - Skill

Is a good skill for vehicles that are more prone to catching fire. If you are riding in an IS-7 (a vehicle which is commonly known to catch fire) and you have no available slots for a firefighter, then this skill is for you.

Brother-inArms - Perk 

Is a perk which applies when 100% researched. It’s most popular for SPGs since they often have undistributed skills and perks, as repair and firefighting are not significant for them.

Jack-of-all-trades - Skill

Is a Commander’s skill especially important for vehicles with good durability and armor. There are many instances whereby a vehicle may be shot with HE shells that will hit the crew. This perk can save you on an aid kit.

Mentor - Skill

Is a skill for players who want to train their crew to “god mode”. It is usually for long-term usage and you will notice its results after a couple hundred battles.

Eagle Eye
Recon - Skill

Skill’s effect is similar to Coated Optics, but the effect is slighter. It should be applied to “visioning” tanks for increased results. It may not perform as well if applied to “blind” vehicles.

Sixth Sense - Perk

Is an outstanding skill that can help you escape even the stickiest situations. It can be used on tanks shooting at long distance using camouflage. It's very useful for SPGs and TDs but barely applicable for close combat when you've already been detected.

Eagle Eye - Perk

Is an interesting perk that shows critical hits of both personal and enemy teams. Two things to take into account are: 1) the time delay, 2) the fact that only critical hits in the view range of your gun are detected. It does not detect the critical hits caused to hidden or out of view range vehicles. For those who are concerned that it will not work for SPGs, this perk operates only at direct view range reach, but it is useful for those who prefer an aggressive form of gameplay.

Clutch Breaking - Skill

Is a good skill for vehicles with high turning speed. It will be effective for TDs and HTs since these tanks cannot turn fast. Evidently, STUG scarcely needs it as it turns well on its own, whereas TDs and HTs seriously lack maneuverability. The skill will also be good for medium tanks if you prefer aggressive gameplay. In this case, clutch braking an enemy will be fun. The same applies for light tanks. As for SPGs, on the one hand you gain fast turning, but on the other, a greater shot splash due to hull turning.

Off Road Master
Off-Road Driving - Skill

Is a useful skill for vehicles that often ride through places that are hardly ever ridden through. We would suggest a scout going through a swamp using this skill. It will also be efficient for TDs as it increases rotation speed.

Cruise Master
Smooth Ride - Skill

Skill is similar to Vertical Stabilizer, but the effect is softer. It shall be very effective for vehicles shooting offhand.

Ramming Master
Controlled Impact - Skill

Is one of the most funny and distinctive skills. It’s well noticed on fast and heavy tanks such as Е50, АМХ 50 100/120/В, and VK2801. If you love squeezing enemies, then this skill is for you!

Preventative Maintenance - Perk

Is a perk which is suitable for IS-7 or Maus which have a lot of HP and thick armor. It will surely be frustrating to catch fire and lose much HP due to it.

Master Gunsmith
Armorer - Skill

Is a skill for “survivor” tanks that is beneficial for those who see their guns damaged quite often. But you should decide for yourself whether you need this perk.

Deadeye - Perk

Is an awesome perk which is good for all vehicles, except for those shooting with HE shells. It does make sense for AP, cumulative and composite shells.

Steady Hands
Snap Shot  - Skill

Is often used by players choosing aggressive gameplay. It works just as well for SPGs. Gun turn is almost the same as the turret turning.

Designated Target - Perk

Is a perk which allows vision of a target detected longer than usual. Take note that the perk doesn’t work if the target is further than view range. In other words, it is applied for SPGs only when seen at point-blank range.

Slow Stowage - Perk

Increases the ammunition durability. The higher the tier is, the bigger the increase of ammunition HP (ammunition HP depends on the vehicle tier commonly). The perk is productive for high tier vehicles.

Intuition - Perk

Is useful if you often change the shell type.

Adrenaline Rush - Perk

Is an interesting and effective perk. Evidently, it’s practical for vehicles with lots of HP, such as Maus or E100 as they often face situations where they are low on HP. It's also applicable for SPGs. Sometimes, players get their HP down to 10% with the help of their team mates. Of course, the reload speed in this case increases, but they should bear in mind that with having 10% HP left, any hit inflicted could be fatal.

Radio Operator
Signal Boosting - Skill

Is useful for tanks with weak radio, such as T2LT.

Situational Awareness - Skill

Is similar to Eagle eye; the higher the view range, the greater the skill’s benefit.

Relaying - Skill

Is quite an outstanding skill. Not only is it advantageous for yourself but also for the team. It will be very useful in tournaments.

Last Ditch Attempt
Call for Vengeance - Perk

Is a great perk for scouts. Your SPG is taking too long to aim a detected target? Then this perk is for you!


Please note that if one of two crew members with same qualifications have one perk (or skill), then the more researched one will prevail. Thus, if you have 2 loaders or radio operators, it is better to train different skills or perks (except for repair, camouflage, firefighting, intuition and brother-in-arms).

In fact, it’s hard to give advice on what skills or perks should be applied to a certain tank, as each player has his/her own tactics and even the gun selection can provoke arguments. It's much harder when it comes to skills and perks. The only rule to follow is to think carefully before you train the crew: determine which skills are necessary for the vehicle, plan the training perspectives, and follow the chosen combat tactics in game. Read comments on forums, watch VODs and check up other sources with useful advice.