The winner of TanksAsia Masters National Series will go on to represent Australia at World Cyber Games 2013. 


Date: 28th - 29th September, 2013 (Saturday & Sunday)
Time: 11am - 5pm

  • Format: Single Eliminiation
  • Rounds: Best of 5
  • Matches will be run using Online Tournament system and teams will be auto seeded randomly. Top 4 teams will proceed to on-ground finals.


Date: 5th October, 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 11:00am – 8:00pm
Venue: EBExpo, 1 Showground Rd Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127, Australia

  • Format: Single Elimination
  • Rounds: Best of 5 (Top 4)
  • Rounds: Best of 7 (Top 2)


Champion: USD 1,500 + T-shirt + Full set gaming peripherals + 70,000 gold
1st runner up: USD 1,000 + T-shirt + 35,000 gold
2nd runner up: USD 500 + T-shirt + 21,000 gold


Date: 30th August - 25th September, 2013 [Extended to 26th September @ 18:00 UTC+8]

  • Registration will be via Tournament system.
  • Teams who make it through to Top 8 will receive a  bonus of 2,000 gold


Champion: RM4650 + T-shirt + Full set gaming peripherals + 70,000 gold
1st runner up: RM3100 + T-shirt + 35,000 gold
2nd runner up: RM1550 + T-shirt + 21,000 gold

Registration Rules

  • Registration will begin on 30th August, 2013, Friday and will be closed on 25th September, Wednesday, 1200 HRS [Extended to 26th September @ 18:00 UTC+8]. Late submissions will not be entertained.
  • Teams are chosen by the system according to last modified date on a first come first serve basis. Teams who wish to be seeded should complete their registration early.
  • A Maximum of 64 teams can be seeded in this tournament.
  • Team representative: must be appointed by every team's captain, this person conducts all communication and organisation with Wargaming or its partner (the person may be a team manager or any member of the team including the captain)
  • Only teams with a minimum number of 7 participants and a maximum of 8 participants will be selected.
  • Each team may recruit 1 reserve players and must be added to your team roster total to a maximum of 8 players per team.
  • Team names are locked from the start of the Tournament and cannot be changed.
  • Teams cannot use the names of existing clans or teams without the clan leader’s permission
  • All Teams names must be in the language English
  • Team and player names must not violate the naming rules; any team violating these rules will be disqualified.
  • Wargaming staff and affiliates are prohibited from playing in any part of the league.
  • To participate in the grand final you must be over the age of 18 (or 13-18 with written permission from a parent or guardian)
  • The winners of this Tournament are solely responsible for any and all applicable taxes and government charges that result from his/her receipt and/or use of the prize.  Wargaming reserves the right to withhold and deduct such taxes and charges from the prize if and to the extent required by law. 
  • Because of the special nature of the tournament involves travelling for the finals, there are some special requirements every participant must meet to be eligible to take part in this tournament. All team members of registered teams must have a passport ready by a stipulated date which will be release to the teams before the playoffs:
  • Have a valid passport ready. The passport must be valid at least until the end of October 2014.
  • Infringement of any of the above rules will result in immediate disqualification.


Tier Limits

A team must use 7 tanks to access 42 available tier points. A team with less than 7 tanks decreases their available tier points by 1 for every missing vehicle.

  • Tier VIII vehicle limit – No other restrictions to vehicles
  • The table below depicts tier limitation for this tournament.
Vehicle TypeTier Limit
Heavy tanks VIII
Medium tanks VIII
Light tanks VIII
Tank destroyers VIII
Self-propelled guns VIII


Victory Conditions

  • The team who is first to secure 3 wins in matches by destroying all enemy’s vehicles or capturing the enemy’s base will move on to the next round. The losing team will be eliminated from the tournament bracket. (Best of 5)
  • Teams who do not secure 3 winning matches in a round will result in both teams in that match being disqualified for passive and not moving onto the next round
  • Each battle will last 10 minutes max with a 2 minutes break between battles.


Battle Rules

  • A team must have at least the minimum number of team members of 7 members required for each tournament. Each team may include 1 reserve.
  • Teams may deploy no more than 7 members in each match.
  • Players may be substituted freely between battles within a round, but must be on the roster.
  • If there is discovery of the use of a ringer or faker in the place of another player, the team will be disqualified from the tournament.
  •  Teams must be ready for a match 30 min before the designated start time, if by the end of this time the team is not ready or full then they must play with the number of players they have or forfeit the game.
  • Casters must be allowed into games and match timings might change for live streaming but it will be defined well in advance by the regions streaming provider or Wargaming.
  • There are no restrictions placed on equipment, consumables or ammo aside from the specific tier/tank limits for the tournament.
  • Starting spawn points for all games will be automatically allocated by the system.
  • Teams cannot reschedule battles; the following are the few exceptions:
    • Severe real live issues
    • Unexpected server downtime or maintenance
    •  Wargaming partners technical difficulties
    •  In case of any disputes, the ruling of an admin is final.
    • Any player found to be cheating will be immediately kicked from the Tournament, and will receive additional sanctions.

Game Settings

  • Standard game mode
  • Map pool: Ensk, Himmelsdorf, Ruinberg, Mines, Steppes, Prokhorovka & Lakeville
    • *map pool subject to change
  • Add-ons, skins and mods are discouraged (At offline events none will be allowed so it is advisable to learn to play without them)


Schedule (ANZ  National Series)

  • Only the top 4 teams out of the total number of 64 teams will proceed to play in the offline finals on the 5th of October at EBExpo, Sydney Showgrounds

·         We suggest that players be online 30 minutes before the start of the rounds

  • Round 1 (Round of 64 teams), Random from Map Pool: 28th September, Saturday, 11:00am
  • Round 2 (Round of 32 teams), Random from Map Pool: 28th September, Saturday, 14:00pm
  • Round 3 (Round of 16 teams), Random from Map Pool: 29th September, Sunday, 11:00am
  • Round 4 (Round of 8 teams), Random from Map Pool: 29th September, Sunday, 14:00am

Curious what time this is in your region? Use this handy Time Zone Converter to help you out!

Team Captains of the qualified 4 teams are to send an email to with the following information and with the subject as "TanksAsia ANZ National Series"

  • Cell Phone number
  • Skype contact
  • Email Address
  • Team logo (600 X 600 pixels)



All match replays must be saved for a length of (7) days after the completion of a match.  Replays can be used as evidence of match results and disputes surrounding the games in question.  If a user is requested and fails to provide a match replay within the (7) day period they may be subjected to match overturns and suspensions.



All protests must be sent to within 24 hours of the issues occurrence (any protests outside the officially designated channels will not be acknowledged)