How to Create a Tournament Team

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Go to

1. Go to Tournaments section.

2. Choose the tournament in which you want to participate in.

3. Players are encouraged to read the registration rules before participating.

4. Click on "Participate" to proceed.

5. If you want to create your team – click on “Create team”.


Creating a New Team

6. Fill in the name of the team.

7. How can we contact you. (EG: forum)

8. Fill in the description.

9. If the captain wants to make a private team, he can set a password. (He will have to give the password to the players of his team)

10. After performing all above – press “Create” and the team will be created.

11. After team creation, you can still modify the team.

On this page you can modify your team.

12. Private message for the game master.

13. "SAVE".

The Captain of team can do the following.

14. Close team enrolment. After it, players will not be able to enter the team.

15. Delete the team.

16. Leave the team.

17. Make another player as the team leader.

18. Delete a player from the team.

When the team is created, you can apply it for the tournament.

19. Apply for the tournament.

Guide How to Create a Tournament Team How to Join a Tournament Team