Tournament Rules

Victory Conditions

The team who is first to secure 3 wins in matches will move on to the next round. The losing team will be eliminated from the tournament bracket. (Best of 5)

Teams who do not secure 3 winning matches in a round will result in both teams in that match being disqualified and not moving onto the next round

The teams who are in the finals to win the game have to secure 5 wins. (Best of 7)


  • Tournament maps will be random between Ensk, Himmelsdorf, Ruinberg, Steppes, Prokhorovka & Lakeville.


Battle Rules

  • There is a 32 team limit for each tournament. Teams will be accepted if their team have fulfilled the registration requirements. 
  • A team must have at least the minimum number of team members of 7 members required for each tournament. Each team may include 4 reserves.
  • Players may be subsituted freely between battles within a round, but must be on the rooster.
  • Discovery of the use of a ringer or faker in the place of another player will receive punishment using the regions strike system
  • Time Limit: 10 min
  • Tier VIII vehicle limit – No other restrictions to vehicles
  • Team maximum points: 42 Tier points
  • Teams must be ready for a match 30 min before the designated start time, if by the end of this time the team is not ready or full then they must play with the number of players they have or forfeit the game.
  • Set format: best of 5 and best of 7 for the Finals
  • Victory conditions: destroy all enemy vehicles or capture the enemy base
  • Casters: must be allowed into games and will be defined well in advance by the regions league provider or Wargaming.
  • Team representative: must be appointed by every teams captain, this person conducts all communication and organisation with Wargaming or its partner (the person may be a team manager or any member of the team including the captain)
  • Teams cannot reschedule battles; there are a few exceptions:
  • There are no restrictions placed on equipment, consumables or ammo aside from the specific tier/tank limits for the tournament.
  • Teams cannot reschedule battles; the following are the few exceptions:
    • Severe real live issues (agreement from the opponent and organiser is required)
    • Unexpected server downtime or maintenance
    • Wargaming partners techincal difficulties


  • Any player found to be cheating by the regions or global league rules will be immediately kicked from the league, they will also suffer the region provider’s additional sanctions.

Before the Round

  • We suggest that players be online 30 minutes before the start of the round
  • Players will be invited to the room base on the time schedule.
  • 4 reserve player are an available option to replace team members that do not show up for the tournament.
  • If a team does not show up and ready for the battle by the scheduled time they will forfeit.
  • If a team cannot provide the minimum number of players for the battle, they may still attempt to win the battle with what they have.

During the Round

  • If server issues arise, the battle will be rescheduled by the admin and the two teams will not be disqualified.
  • In case of an in-game dispute, ensure that replays are being saved to your replays folder
  • If replays are not enabled at the time of the disputable incident, take a screenshot so that it may be reviewed as part of the dispute process
  • If a match ends in a draw (no team was destroyed and no base captured) the team with at least 8 tier points advantage wins the battle. To measure the 8 points you can add any surviving tanks points together.
  • If no team has the advantage of 8 points then the game is replayed :
    • Starting position stays the same
    • Map stays the same
    • Same Players must play

Abusive behaviour

  • Aggressive or abusive behaviour toward a league official or fellow players will be punished by Wargaming on a 3 strike system (3 strikes and you’re out!) That being said excessive acts of abuse can still lead to immediate expulsion from the league and ban from joining the league.
  • Teams or players clan members acting overly aggressively or abusive at offline events or in streaming chats and social media can also earn the team strike points on a 5-strike system (5 strikes and you’re out!)
  • Unsportsmanlike behaviour or spamming will also be punished with warnings given by Wargaming or its regional partner (3 warnings = 1 strike point).


  • All protests must be sent to within 24 hrs of the issues occurrence (any protests outside the officially designated channels will not be acknowledged)

Tank Picking

  • Wargaming will determine the team to start the tank picking. After that the other team picks their 2 tanks. This will be done until both teams picked their complete tank line-up of 7 tanks

Game Settings

  • Standard game mode
  • Map pool: Ensk, Himmelsdorf, Ruinberg, Steppes, Prokhorovka & Lakeville
  • Addons, skins and mods are discouraged (At offline events none will be allowed so it is advisable to learn to play without them), the one exception to this will be the “Zoom Out” mod and it will be pre-installed on the event PCs 

Broadcasting rights

  • All broadcasting rights are held by the regional Wargaming head office and the regions official partner, no rebroadcasting or extra coverage of the league live matches will be allowed without written permission by these parties.


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