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[Premium Shop] Military Parade - The Legendary T26E5 Patriot

Here's another chance to grab the T26E5 Patriot before it retires from the Premium Shop again!

[Special] 26 May: Evolution of Tanks - Object 268

The Object 268 is this week's featured vehicle in the Evolution of Tanks special!

[Special] Grand Finals Weekend

Enjoy these discounts and get to battling this weekend while you watch the Grand Finals live!

The Grand Finals 2017: The Main Show!

The WoT event of the year begins tomorrow – follow all the action and get the latest updates here!

[Video] Best Replays of the Week International #62

This week we have an Invader who can read the minimap, a Top Gun rampage at Mines, and Maus tanks dominating the opposition.

The Grand Finals 2017: Bonus Battle Guides with GoHard

Outnumbered? Outgunned? It’s time to up your game with GoHard’s guides!

The Grand Finals 2017: Oops

With their eye-catching team uniforms and quirky moniker, Oops – The Tough Giraffes are sure to make an impression at any event!

Hall of Fame 2016: A word from our Producers

The Producers for our major titles offer a few words for posterity. Also, check out our very first reveal of the T-shirt rewards for our future Hall of Famers!

The Grand Finals 2017: Cheer for Our #WGLAPAC Teams!

EL Gaming and Team Efficiency will be representing us on the world stage. Let’s give them our support!

[Special] Military Parade: China

Get discounts for the Chinese tech tree for this next Military Parade special!

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