03-10 October: [Premium Shop] Onward through October

Check the Panther M10 and E-25 bundles for plenty of consumables and equipment.

Missions and Specials on 2nd October 2014

For the first week of October, we'll be discounting the price of camouflage and garage slots and featuring a new Tier X tank for our Evolution of Tanks special: the Object 140!

[TW] WG Tank Factory! M41 Walker Bulldog modelling event!

To celebrate the release of World of Tanks 9.3 update, WG Taiwan office held a M41 Walker Bulldog modelling event in collaboration with a famous Taiwanese model company.

[TW] WG community sweetheart streaming #3 (Oct 3)

Ready to see our most beautiful community representative JilsaBB on live stream? We're inviting another mysterious guest, just who can it be? See you on 3rd Oct (Friday)!

New Player, New Ace! T-127 Ace Mastery Contest

Calling all new tank commanders! Have you read the Player Induction Guide yet? Show us what you've learned by earning an Ace Mastery medal with your T-127 and we'll reward you with some gold!

[Contest] Speed Skirmish: Champion

Join Champion Skirmish Battles and destroy enemy tanks as fast as you can! Winners will be awarded with 300-1000 Gold.

The Player Induction Program has launched!

Are you looking for a quick-start guide for World of Tanks to play, get rewards and have fun right away? Look no further! Click here to find out more about what awaits you, including a FREE T-127 Premium tank for all new signups in October.

[PH] Congratulations to the Winners of Cafe Tank Wars!

Good battles were fought and the Cafe Tank Wars has ended. Here are our winners!

Inside the Chieftain's hatch: ISU-152 Part 2

Here's another look at the ISU-152, brought to you by the Chieftain!

Gold Series Team Interviews: NVIDIA ACES

These guys are no strangers to the heat of tournaments. NVIDIA ACES takes time off their busy training schedule for an interview.