[Tank Illustrations] Artist's Choice- Part 5: Renault UE 57

Tank illustration column "Artist's Choice" Part 5 has rolled out! Illustrator Takashi Ino brings us the French Tier II tank destroyer Renault UE 57 relaxing by the lakeside with wildlife.

Live Stream! “Japan Season Cup Summer 2014 Stage 3”

Stage 3 of the Japanese online tournament will be streamed live on Saturday, August 20th at 19:00 (UTC+8)! Don't miss it!

WGL Portal Guide to participating in tournaments

Hoping to join the next eSports tournament, but not sure how? Here's a guide to show you exactly what to do.

Register Now! WGL APAC-ASIA S2: Bronze Series Week 2

Sign your team up for the chance to be seeded directly into the Silver Series of season 3.

[Contest] Medal Madness: Defender [UPDATE]

It's all fun and games until the base gets captured. Will you be the one to defend it this week? Prove that you're the best Defender and win this week's contest! UPDATE: We now have our winners!

[Contest] Medal Madness: Master Gunner

Time to hunt medals again! Can you get the Master Gunner medal this week?

[CONTEST] Skirmish Weekends: Absolute

Build your Strongholds! Oppress some enemies in Skirmish battles with your clan to win Gold prizes!

Video: Science of Victory Ep. 16

Tune into this episode of Science of Victory as the e-Sports pro talks about battle tactics in Prokhorovka.

Twilight of Gods: General Regulations

Read about the rules and regulations of the latest Clan Wars event.

Quarter Year Championship Q2: Tournament Recaps - Week 4

Four teams from Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Singapore showed up and were ready to rumble. Read and watch Week 4's recaps here!