WGL APAC-Asia S2 Finals: Schedules and Results

Need a handy guide for the WGL APAC-Asia S2 finals to learn about the schedules and up-to-the-minute results? Here it is!

Lucky Damage Lottery: No. 14

The lucky number is out! Straight Play winners will receive 10,000 Gold and Box Play winners will receive 1,000 Gold!

Support Maintenance on 22 October, 2014

World of Tanks will be conducting a maintenance on the support site on 22 October, 2014.

22-23 October: Cheer for Your Champions!

A word of encouragement can mean a lot to a fellow fighter! Cheer for your favourite champions and you'll be entered into a special raffle!

[Contest] Spot the Logos [Updated]

The WGL logos have been camouflaged by a number of distractions. Can you find them all?

Clan Wars Maintenance on 21 October, 2014

Please be informed that there will be a maintenance on clans functionality on the portal on 21 October, 2014.

Video: ASAP 9.4

What's new in Update 9.4? Find out in this ASAP video.

Show Your Support: WGL Season 2 Finals Specials [Updated]

We're rallying the crowd for the WGL Season 2 Finals! Show your support to unlock bigger rewards!

WGL APAC-ASIA S2: Finals Prelude

Three cheers for Charlotte Tiger and ELONG! The finalists who will proceed on to the WGL APAC-ASIA S2 Finals.