9.9 Get the Pz II Ausf J, on sale for the first time in Asia! Get the Pz II Ausf J, on sale for the first time in Asia!


Graphics Changes in Update 9.9

In Update 9.9, the graphics of World of Tanks will be extensively upgraded. This article describes the incoming changes, including updates in anti-aliasing methods, modified shadows and improved lighting effects.

WGL APAC-Asia Season I 2015 – 2016 Week 9

It’s the last week of the Gold Series! How will our teams fare?

Win Cash Prizes In The New Go4WoT Asia Cup Series! [Updated]

Want to be rewarded for playing WoT? Get ready to battle for both gold and real cash in this tournament!

WGL APAC-ASIA Season I 2015-2016 Week 6 Recaps

Yet another forfeit for TCSG to swallow; will they be able to redeem themselves?

Domination: Supply Swarm now available

The new Supply Swarm event is now available. Read all about it here or play it now!

Wargaming Returns to PAX Australia 2015!

Wargaming will be descending upon Melbourne, Australia to deliver the best combined arms gaming experience for PAX Australia 2015!

[Video] The Challenger and the Tortoise

The Tortoise was meant to be a hulking metal beast able to punch a hole through any defence, but was never finished in time for the war. Check out the video for a tour of this vehicle, both inside and out!

Imperial Tiger

The new Japanese tank will not offer you a unique gameplay and will not require excessive efforts. It is a trusty beast that just does its part by dealing damage, utilizing qualities of its armor, and, most crucially, farming credits.

'Virtually Inside the Tanks' 360 videos now on Youtube

You can now hop on a tank in virtual reality right on Youtube! For best results, use the Chrome browser.

Register Now! WGL APAC-ASIA Season I 2015 – 2016: Bronze Series Week 8

It’s the second-last week of the Bronze Series – make every match count!