Siege of 8s - Week II

When was the last time in your life you took on something exciting? Round up some worthy allies and sign up for the 2nd week of Siege of 8s!

New Clan Wars Event: World on Fire [UPDATED]

Our next major Clan Wars event will soon begin. Prepare your tanks and expand your empire!

Girls und Panzer Comic: Chapter 6

Doing battles is a lot more easier (and fun!) when you have reliable allies to count on. The girls from GuP will show you what it's like to play in platoons and clans in the latest chapter of the WoT for Beginners Guide.

8-Bit Tales: Keep Your Head in the Game

The 8-Bit Tales series is upgraded with the funnest new mechanic yet in Update 9.0 - Exploding turrets!

Tank You Very Much: Season 1, Episode1

Welcome to our very first episode of Tank You Very Much! Take a seat, have a cup of your favourite drink ready, and enjoy the video!

Illustration Column Part 8: Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai

In part 8 of the Japanese tanks illustration column, we bring you the Chi-Nu Kai! Illustrator sdkfz depicts the improved version of the Chi-Nu with the powerful 7.5 cm Tank Gun Type 5 in a scene with Mount Fuji!

RNG: No Comments Ep. 22

The next episode of RNG is here! Take a break and watch how even the most intelligent plan can turn into spectacular (but hilarious) failures in practice.

Premium Tank Review Contest: Sexton I

Time for us to bring out the Sexton I for our next Review Contest! Write the best review you can and win 1,000 gold!

[SG] Tank Buddy Referral Program now available!

Get 1,000 free gold and free game-time when your friend registers as a new player in Singapore's Command Centre! There's no cap, either - 5 friends registering will net you 5,000 gold. Read more about this new program here!

Update 9.0: Missions for Historical Battles

Take a shot at rewriting history! Six new missions await you as you step into the battles of yesterday. Do well and you will be rewarded likewise!