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We are the Reddit Stronghold clan of the SEA server.
We are looking for dedicated regular World of Tanks players for the Stronghold game mode.

Clan Requirements:
- You must install and use Teamspeak 3 and be online at least 3 times per week.
- Have a 1300 Wn8 rating overall or 1800 recent Wn8
- Minimum 51% W/R
- At least one of the following tanks from each tier
- Tier 6 (Hellcat, Cromwell, Type 64, T37)
-Tier 8 (IS-3, AMX 13-90, AMX 50 100, 110, T32)
- Age minimum 16+ (exceptions to mature gamers)

Please include in your application: your Reddit username, wotlabs.net or noobmeter.com page, and a reason for you wanting to join our clan!

Officers are:
TheIronMind (Commander)
Ym107 (Executive Officer)
Hufwe (Executive Officer)
blahblahblah3000(Personal officer)
westybig (Recrutier)
StoneyLEPI (Recruiter)

Military Personnel (53) Data as of

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